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José María Yazpik Found Amado Carrillo Fuentes' Romance 'Weird' In 'Narcos: Mexico' Season 3 Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images for Netflix

The third season of "Narcos: Mexico" has actor José María Yazpik mulling over the real message of the season finale in the Netflix cartel series. Yazpik, who plays Amado Carillo Fuentes, said he truly believed Fuentes got away with his plans. As the series comes to an end, the fate of Fuentes lies in the manner how he planned his exit from the drug game.

Season 3 was released on Nov. 5 and along with it came a list of rising kingpins such as the Tijuana, Juárez, and Sinaloa cartels. Fuentes, who had been smuggling under Juárez emerged as Mexico’s biggest cocaine trafficker in the 1990’s as he comes to run a fleet of cargo planes transporting cocaine from Colombia to the Mexico-US border. He had a top Mexican general on his payroll, which made him even more untouchable.

As the voice-over narrates how Fuentes died of a heart attack in 1997, many still linger on the actual truth of whether he actually died or not. There has been some fuzzy talk about the circumstances surrounding his death despite reports that his heart succumbed at the operating table while undergoing plastic surgery that would change his appearance and allow him to remain on the run.

Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter, Yazpik said the investigation into Fuentes’ death had a clear lack of witnesses and documentation. “The body disappeared; the doctors were killed. So, nobody really knew what happened," the actor added.

In the finale, DEA characters Walt and Kuykendall talk about how Fuentes’ body was clearly identified by Mexican Federales but later went missing. Both surgeons who performed the surgery on Fuentes at the Mexico City hospital also turned up dead. In the final scene, Fuentes’ girlfriend Marta can be seen at the house he had given her in Chile, with two glasses of wine set on a piano together with a toy plane that Fuentes is known to always carry around.

Yazpik had his own research going as he tells of his experience. “I met with these guys from the army and special forces who were there that day; they saw the body and kept on with the investigation.” The actor added that there had been a couple of stories he was told that he cannot share. “So, officially, Amado was dead. I don’t believe he died. I believe that he got away with it.”

Yazpik spoke of corruption on both sides of the border which gives people enough reason to speculate as it provides room for manipulation of the truth depending on the requirement of the situation. He emphasized how he felt proud that the show did not glorify the lives of the characters in the series.

The actor further muses on how the lines are all grey in the lives of narcos and cops and that the drug war will always be a war that will never be won.

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Joaquin Cosio, Teresa Ruiz, Jose Maria Yazpik, Tessa Ia, Diego Luna, Tenoch Huerta and Michael Pena pose during Netflix Narcos Cocktail Party at Four Seasons Hotel on October 30, 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico. Photo by Hector Vivas/Getty Images for Netflix

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