This National Tequila Day think outside of the salt rimmed glass and celebrate with innovative cocktail recipes. Whether you're hosting a happy hour with colleagues, celebrating with friends at brunch or throwing an orgullo Latino party, tequila needs to be part the gathering. Honor the National Tequila Day holiday with a full menu of delicious drinks.

These cocktails are highlighting the current trends in the mixology scene. Whether that means mixing multiple spirits together, or playing with brightly colored ingredients, upgrades from the classic recipe are the key to hosting a top-notch fiesta. 

Find the full recipes below and enjoy a wonderful day!

  • Crime + Passion

Crime + Passion Crime + Passion Photo: Courtesy


1 oz Tequila Don Julio Reposado

1/2 oz Poblano Liqueur

2 oz Fresh Lime juice

1 3/4 oz Fresh Passionfruit Juice

Poblano Salt for Rimmed Glass


  1. Combine Tequila Don Julio Reposado, poblano liqueur, fresh lime juice and fresh passionfruit into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well.
  2. Strain contents into a mason jar rimmed with poblano salt over fresh ice.
  3. Garnish with rosemary sprig.
  • Ideal Serving Glass:

Mason Jar

  • Oaxacan Punch

Oaxacan Punch Oaxacan Punch Photo: Courtesy


1 oz Tequila Don Julio 70

1/2 oz Zacapa Rum 23

1/3 oz Tamarind Tea

1/4 oz House Made Felernum Syrup

1/4 oz Fresh Lime Juice

1/3 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice 

Pineapple Sice for Garnish


  1. Combine Tequila Don Julio 70, Zacapa Rum 23, tamarind tea, house made falernum syrup, fresh lime juice and fresh pineapple juice into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well.
  2. Strain contents into a Collins glass over fresh ice.
  3. Garnish with pineapple slice.
  • Ideal Serving Glass:

Collins Glass

  • Spicy Sparkling Margarita  

Cinco-De-mayo Spicy Sparkling Margarita Photo: Courtesy


2 parts Blanco Tequila

½ part Cointreau

3 slices of Jalapeño pepper

Juice of 1/8 lime

1 ½ parts Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime


Shake Tequila, Cointreau, lime juice and peppers with ice. Pour into rocks glass with salted rim and lime wedge. Top with Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime.

  • Sparkling Tequila Sunrise

 Sparkling Tequila Sunrine Sparkling Tequila Sunrine Photo: Courtesy


2 oz. orange juice

2 oz. tequila

½ oz. grenadine

2 oz. Sparkling Ice Classic Lemonade


Fill a tall glass with ice cubes, then the orange juice, and tequila. Top with Sparkling Ice Classic Lemonade and grenadine, then garnish with a maraschino cherry and orange slice and serve.

  • Pomegranate Margarita

Pomegranate-Margarita Pomegranate Margarita Photo: Courtesy


2oz tequila

2oz pomegranate juice

1oz lime juice

1oz simple syrup

Sparkling Ice Classic Lemonade

Vanilla flake salt rim, for garnish

Lime wedge, for garnish


Rim glass with a lime and dip into salt, fill glass with ice and set to the side. In an ice filled cocktail shaker, combine tequila, pomegranate juice, lime juice, simple syrup, and shake. Strain into glasses and top with Sparkling Ice Classic Lemonade, stir lightly to combine. Garnish with a lime wedge.

  • Black Raspberry Brut

Bourbon Street Black Raspbery Brut with Bottle Bourbon Street Black Raspbery Brut Photo: Courtesy


1 ½ oz. Silver Tequila

2 oz. brut Champagne

7 large black raspberries

2 oz. Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry

¼ oz. lemon juice


Muddle black raspberries, Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry and lemon juice in a glass. Pour ingredients into a glass filled with ice. Add tequila, stir, and strain into a large rocks glass filled with ice. Top with brut Champagne and garnish with a skewered black raspberries.

  • Sparkling Paloma

Sparkling Paloma Sparkling Paloma Photo: Courtesy


2 Parts Mescal

Small scoop Grapefruit sorbet

Squeeze of lime juice

Teaspoon Agave

2 parts Sparkling Ice Pink Grapefruit


Mix in rocks glass with Kosher salted rim.

  • Angry-Rita

Angry-rita Angry-rita Photo: Courtesy


4 oz Angry Orchard Crisp Apple

1 oz Blanco Tequila

0.5 oz Grenadine

0.5 oz Lime Juice

Dash of Angostura Bitters


Combine all ingredients except for cider in a cocktail shaker and shake. Pour into rocks glass with ice and top with Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Garnish with a lime wheel.