Summer Drinks: 6 Mocktails, Cocktails To Serve At Your Cookouts

Enjoy summer with these warm weather drinks. It's officially summer, and traditionally people enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. If you are planning a cookout or a trip to the beach, keep your family hydrated with these selection of tasty mocktails, cocktails and beer.

Are you ready for a season full of drinks and sunshine? Scroll down to pick your favorite and find inspiration for your summer parties.

  • Angry Party Punch

Angry Party Punch Angry Party Punch cocktail – it’s a big batch recipe infused with Angry Orchard Summer Honey, peach juice, and white wine for the freshest summer flavors. Photo: Courtesy


2 bottles Angry Orchard Summer Honey

6 oz Vodka

12 oz Peach Juice

12 oz White Wine

4.5 oz Lemon Juice

3 oz Simple Syrup (1 : 1 Sugar and Water)


Build in a large punch bowl and top with Angry Orchard Summer Honey. Garnish with lemon wheels, strawberry slices and peach slices.

  • Blue Moon Mango Wheat

Blue Moon Mango The summer beer pairs well with warm-weather fare such as grilled shrimp or chicken with mango salsa. Photo: Courtesy of Blue Moon

Inspired on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cancun and wanting a beer that was refreshing with a taste of ripe mangos, Blue Moon launches a new beer for Summer '17.  The fruit vendors would bring freshly cut mangos and put them on a stick to enjoy in the sunshine. This beer is created with mango and a hint of honey for a mild sweetness with a bright yellow-orange color and cloudy wheat haze.

  • Red Bull Summer Edition Grapefruit Twist

Summer-Edition Seize the sun only this summer with the Red Bull’s new limited, Summer Edition Grapefruit Twist. It launched on May 1 and is only available through Labor Day. Photo: Red Bull

Summertime brings longer and more active days, and the new Red Bull Summer Edition offers some great ways for you to make the most of them: Pack a can or two in your beach bag along with your other essentials for a full, action-packed day by the water. Stock some cans in the cooler at your next cookout for a refreshing non-alcoholic option, or bring a few cans with you in your backpack to keep you energized as you trek to new heights on a summer hike. Going on a road trip this Memorial Day? Take a few cans with you to power you through your adventure.

  • Lipton Black Tea

Mocktails The perfect Lipton unsweetened iced tea to serve at your Memorial Day cookout! Photo: Courtesy

Serve Lipton Black Tea with fresh herbs like mint or basil and slices of lemons and oranges to create a unique and refreshing drink your family will enjoy.

  • Lipton Iced Tea

Lipton Brewed Iced Tea Lipton iced tea is a great-tasting and naturally refreshing alternative to water. Photo: Courtesy

In a large carafe combine Lipton Iced Tea with freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice, and a splash of club soda with floating slices of lemons and oranges for a fun mocktail perfect for summer.

  • Lipton Berry Hibiscus Tea

Mocktail Just in time for summer! Lipton Berry Hibiscus Tea. Photo: Courtesy

Brew Lipton Berry Hibiscus Tea and use it to make ice cubes. Plop your pretty ice cubes in sparling water for a pretty pink hue with a hint of berry flavor.

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