“NBA 2K23” is expected to come out on Sept. 8, 2022, roughly a month for folks who want to get some basketball action via their consoles. And like previous installments, there is plenty to expect.

But for those who have been around and probably tried out “NBA 2K11,” one mode that most are eagerly awaiting is the Jordan Challenge.

There is no doubt that to this day, many want to follow in the footsteps of the NBA great. Some hoop junkies followed his career even when he was still in college. And it appears that on “NBA 2K23,” this will be the case with the new Jordan Challenge of the game coming out with some interesting tweaks.

While the challenges in the mode are something most are preparing for, it appears 2K has taken it up a notch. There will be a lot of college action this time around, particularly the UNC Tarheels.

Among the innovations to expect include the use of special filters, and the adjustment of games from each era to get a feel of how things were at that specific time. On the basketball court, there will be a lot of physicalities that pose an extra challenge for basketball enthusiasts who want to get a feel of the bygone era.

Playing the game is only one part of what to expect on “NBA 2K23.” Aside from the recreation of the bygone era and the new presentational package, there will also be some key changes made to the gameplay. This includes a heavier focus on the post and mid-range game and reworking the transition game for the 1980s feel.

There will also be a different feel in the jump shots, layups and dunks, not to mention signature upgrades for classic NBA legends such as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Speaking of physicality, folks who are curious about the “Bad Boys” era and their so-called Jordan Rules will be in for a treat.

Again, all these are just for the Jordan Challenge mode. There are other game modes to consider, a reason why “NBA 2K23” fans cannot wait to get their hands on the latest installment from 2K Games.

Michael Jordan NBA 2K23 cover photo
Michael Jordan NBA 2K23 cover photo photo from @NBA2K Twitter

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