Just a couple of days ago, it was revealed that “NBA 2K23” will be coming out with several updates for the upcoming game. Among those being awaited are the basketball personalities from the NBA, young or old.

Given that there are a lot of popular NBA players to mention, the easy bet is to see Stephen Curry to be among the likely players to be on the cover of “NBA 2K23.” But before that, there is an iconic figure who unsurprisingly got the nod – Michael Jordan.

Through the official NBA 2K Twitter account, it was revealed that “His Airness” will be one of the cover athletes. The announcement went on to reveal that this can already be pre-ordered as well as the Championship Edition starting July 7.

The last time Jordan made the covers was way back on NBA 2K16. He will come with certain versions of the game, meaning he will be in a large part of the content for the upcoming NBA 2K game.

There will be two versions coming out with Michael Jordan gracing the covers. One will be the Michael Jordan edition and the other will be the Championship Edition.

Gamers will be treated to some familiar challenges. This includes the Jordan Challenged, something that appeared on NBA 2K11.

For those who may not know, players will play as Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in some of the biggest moments of Jordan's career.

The 10 original Jordan challenges will be enhanced. Also, there will be five new challenges that tie in with Jordan's career in college, the NBA, and Team USA basketball.

NBA fans are expected to get excited about the return of Jordan, especially considering that the previous two NBA 2K installments were two of the best-selling editions. However, it remains to be seen if NBA 2K23 can equal or improve from what those previous installments had to offer.

Michael Jordan NBA 2K23 cover photo Michael Jordan NBA 2K23 cover photo photo from @NBA2K Twitter