Ben Simmons is nowhere near suiting up for the Brooklyn Nets and officially playing his first game for the 2021-22 NBA season.

After finally getting his wish to be traded from the Philadelphia 76ers, it was understandable that the 6-foot-11 guard would need time to get acquainted with his new team. But the problem is that along with that comes the effects of sitting out for so long.

In the latest update from The Athletic on the 2016 NBA Rookie of the Year, Simmons is reportedly dealing with back soreness. It was allegedly part of the reconditioning process and there is no telling how long the Australian cager will sit out.

Regardless, Nets coach Steve Nash is hardly alarmed. He does not consider it an injury and adds that it was part of the process – considering Simmons has been out of action for quite some time, Slam Online reported.

“It’s not like an injury, it’s just as he’s returning to play, his back has flared up a little bit. He hasn’t played a game since June so that’s just part of his process of returning to play is as you ramp up, he’s a little sub septic to certain things as you would be with muscle soreness or tightness. He’s got a little tightness,” Nash explained.

However, this may not work to the 2016 top pick’s advantage. Until he plays his first game with the Nets, he remains under the radar to show that he can play better with a new NBA team.

This was pointed out no less by book author Roland Lazenby when he appeared on the Sports Bytes PH podcast.

“Ben Simmons will have to show, whenever he gets on the floor, that he has gained a new competency, a new confidence. It doesn’t have to be a huge offensive leader. But he has to be ready to take that open shot and live with the consequences. We won’t know until we see that, if he is ready. If all this time away from the game he has gotten prepared for that,” the 70-year-old said.

Also, the American scribe pointed out that the big question is can Simmons help the team win and prove that he is a max contract player.

“Will he find a similar or different pressure in Brooklyn with the Nets because it all comes down to that final thing…can you win? Can you develop the chemistry to win? Yes, you’re making all this money. Your family for generations will be wealthy because you a top pick. You are a maximum contract player in the American pro basketball league,” Lazenby quipped.

Ben Simmons #25 of the Philadelphia 76ers dribbles the ball against Julius Randle #30 and Kevin Knox II #20 of the New York Knicks
Ben Simmons #25 of the Philadelphia 76ers dribbles the ball against Julius Randle #30 and Kevin Knox II #20 of the New York Knicks Getty Images | Sarah Stier

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