Is the Los Angeles Lakers’ empire about to crumble? Unless the purple and gold can find a way to make things work, it certainly appears that way.

Worse, the Lakers could find themselves without their top star in the summer. With no moves made at the NBA trade deadline, reports are ripe that the four-time NBA champion is pretty sore at management for not making the necessary changes.

At the top of the list is a trade that allegedly involved Russell Westbrook and John Wall of the Houston Rockets. The main problem here is the Lakers were protective of their 2027 first-round pick and were not interested in any trade involving that asset.

It also did not make sense for the Lakers to give up a future asset alongside the underperforming 2017 NBA MVP. Wall is an All-Star but the fact remains he has not played this season, the Bleacher Report reported.

Hence, had the 31-year-old joined the Lakers, there is no assurance that he could instantly help boost the Lakers' chances heading into the playoffs. Also, the 2014 NBA Slam Dunk champion may need time to get back into playing shape.

Given that the Lakers are struggling, they cannot afford to wait for Wall to get into the groove of things. Head coach Frank Vogel needs to find a solution as soon as possible and playing with one player less will not be feasible.

That unsuccessful deal allegedly did not sit well with James. Compounding that thought was Wall is also under Klutch Sports, the same agency handling James.

Finally, James reflected on his career which could come to an end soon. He did not close the door on possibly returning to Cleveland for the Cavs. There was also that dish on joining any team that would take in his son, Bronny James per a report from The Athletic.

With a lot of possibilities on the table, the LeBron James era could be headed towards an ugly end. That could happen as early as the summer unless the Lakers find a way to patch things up.

 LeBron James
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