The Los Angeles Clippers could use another player in the mix seeing how they were sputtering on offense. But to get someone of that caliber, the Clips will need to take a hit. One player that could be dangled is Paul George.

George was hardly a shade of himself in the NBA playoffs. As most know, Los Angeles got eliminated by the Denver Nuggets, a series which they initially led 3-1. Unfortunately, that advantage went for naught with the Nuggets defying the odds to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

A battle of Los Angeles was seen by many but never happened. The Clippers had internal issues with George even caught in one of them. This has to do with a certain squabble involving Montrezl Harrell regarding a turnover.

Also, some critics feel that George and Kawhi Leonard does not make sense. Both play the same position. Though one can play a different role, the sacrifice for a player who plays that position will take its toll.

Regardless of George's performance, Leonard says that he is not giving up on George. He knows that the 6-foot-8 forward will eventually get his game going but time is not on their side. Also, the next head coach could make some changes and consider trading George for someone who can fill in key positions. That guy could be Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards.

It was not too long ago when word got out that Beal had purchased a posh mansion in Los Angeles. Most thought it was a move tying the 27-year-old to the Lakers. No one considered a potential move to the Clippers although it may take much for that to pull through.

Renee Washington touched on a fake trade scenario involving Bradley Beal for George and Lou Williams in a podcast. She feels that the Clips can do better than offering the three-time NBA Sixth Man of the Year in a package. Unless that happens, seeing Beal go to the Clippers will be nothing but a fantasy.

Any personnel movement on the part of the Clippers will remain up in the air. Beal could make sense but it will take a lot to convince the Wizards. George is appealing but Los Angeles needs to add more assets. Williams alone will just not cut it.

Bradley Beal #3 of the Washington Wizards Bradley Beal #3 of the Washington Wizards Getty Images | Patrick Smith