The Los Angeles Clippers need to figure out what went wrong this 2019-20 NBA season. But with the dismissal of Doc Rivers, it all starts on who the next head coach will be. After that, they need to audit their current roster and determine their needs. Could Rudy Gay be worth checking?

The Clippers could have room for the 34-year-old player if they find a way to snag him from the San Antonio Spurs. Gay has one year left in his current deal and is due to earn $14 million. Last season, he averaged 10.8 points, 5.4 rebounds and 1.7 assists in 21.8 minutes of action per Basketball-Reference.

A player he could replace is Marcus Morris. The 31-year-old is an unrestricted free agent and put up almost the same averages. He normed 10.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 28.9 minutes of action. But in an observation by the Bleacher Report, Gay tops Morris in the box plus/minus true shooting percentage, rebounding percentage, assist percentage, block percentage and steal percentage.

Though he is a bit older, he is a catch-and-shoot player who could provide the Clippers better options. With Morris unlikely to return unless the Clippers can offer him something good, Gay looms as a sensible target.

Some critics may say that taking in Gay would mean giving up some toughness up front. While that could be plausible, most will agree that Los Angeles is lacking in the offensive sock. Gay and Morris do have similar averages but the former has been known to score.

Though Gay is no longer young as he used to be, he can still play at a certain level. However, it remains that the Clips need to shell out cash. Trading off some assets could work – something that pundits expect to happen this offseason anyway.

But as mentioned at the start of this post, it all starts on the next head coach. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are there and it will take a tested mentor to call the shots for the Clippers next season. So far, no names have been mentioned. Whoever it may be, the next Clippers coach will have his work cut out for him.

Rudy Gay #22 of the San Antonio Spurs Rudy Gay #22 of the San Antonio Spurs Getty Images | Stacy Revere