Ben Simmons still has no takers and if this continues, he is likely to still be a Philadelphia 76ers player by the time the 2021-22 NBA season starts.

It appears to be a certainty unless the Sixers can find some team who can offer something acceptable, not to mention absorb the huge $147 million contract the former top pick carries.

Trade talks have gotten nowhere and appear to be stalled. With that in mind, it appears the Sixers are accepting the fact that Simmons will still be around and suiting up for the team once the new season opens.

Awkward as that may seem it is allegedly a reality that Sixers management is willing to take. But the question there is the awkwardness of that setup.

Most know how the atmosphere of having an unhappy player may affect a team. Aside from that, it hinders the progress of a team to move in the direction that they are leaning on. In all, it won’t be a smooth ride for Philly if this is the scenario that awaits.

There are also the Sixers fans worth considering. They are not exactly patient and understanding, something that could further make Simmons extended stay inconvenient.

Philly still has time to pull something off. But with the amount of money on the table, not to mention Daryl Morey’s rumored outrageous asking price, shipping the Australian cager will not be easy.

As far as Simmons is concerned, it will be interesting how he performs with the Sixers. While it is given that there are strained relations, he needs to be professional and look at his predicament in another way.

For one, he cannot attract interest if he performs poorly. Should that be the case, head coach Doc Rivers may end up benching him. This would only worsen his situation.

A wise move would be to focus and just play the game the way it should be. He has been criticized for his performance last season but he can make up for that with a good showing this coming season. A good performance goes a long way – including a possible boost to his next NBA stop.

Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers talks to Joel Embiid
Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers talks to Joel Embiid Getty Images | Mitchell Leff

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