A man from North Carolina beat the odds last week and took home over $200,000 in cash after winning the lottery for the third time, to the surprise and delight of his family.

Gregg Hensley, a 63-year-old woodworker, participated in the Multiply The Cash competition, where people who previously participated in the lottery got another chance to win money in the system. The highest prize in the competition was $200,000, and Hensley was able to secure it, according to KISS 95.1.

The drawing had over 66.9 million entries overall, so Hensley did not expect anything, per the Charlotte Observer. Besides, he had already won over $30,000 from the local lottery: one for a $20,000 payout and another for $10,000 in cash.

Interestingly, Lady Luck proved to be on Hensley’s side as he received a call telling him that he had won over $200,000 in the second-chance drawing on April 11. The news stunned him so much that he handed the phone over to his wife while processing everything.

“I had to hold on to something I was so stunned,” he recalled. Lottery officials confirmed this when they described Hensley as “so overcome with emotion that he couldn’t speak” during the phone call.

“With as many folks who are entering drawings, to actually win one is hard to comprehend,” Hensley said. “So to actually win three, it’s mind-boggling.”

Expected to receive $142,020 after taxes, Hensley said that he would be spending the money on “a new truck and do some home repairs,” according to a statement to the press by the lottery.

Hensley was not the only North Carolina resident who won the lottery recently. On April 14, a woman from the Old North State won a $100,000 prize from a scratch-off lottery card she had bought at a local store while looking for dessert, according to UPI.

“They didn't have my pie so I got a ticket instead. I can't say the name of the pie, or it will sell out,” she said. “I'm just so grateful. This will really take the weight off my husband's shoulders.”

Lottery Winnings North Carolina
Gregg Hensley, who had previously won over $30,000 in two different lottery wins, found himself winning over $200,000 after being selected in the second-chance lottery drawing that had his entry. This is a representational image. Erik Mclean/Unsplash.

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