For some time now, the possibility of seeing computers or machines take over from humans has been an ongoing debate. Although it died a bit for some time, it appears that it is in the air once more.

It comes at a time when companies such as Microsoft, Spotify and Twitter have reportedly been laying off personnel. And if the recent moves of Microsoft are to be taken seriously, more could be losing their jobs to artificial intelligence.

“AI is replacing the white-collar workers. I don’t think anyone can stop that,” Pengcheng Shi, an associate dean in the department of computing and information sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology, stated.

“This is not crying wolf,” Shi told The Post. “The wolf is at the door.”

The worrying part is that these advanced technology solutions are covering most of the niches that include finance and health care.

Publishing articles is also another mind-boggling development.

With the release of ChatGPT, an intelligent chatbot that was released back in November that is free to the public, writers could be next in line to lose their craft.

Earlier this month, CNET admitted that it had been using AI to generate stories since late 2022.

Also, it was learned that ChatGPT scored higher than many humans on an MBA exam administered at Penn’s elite Wharton School.

This was after Darren Hick, a philosophy professor at South Carolina’s Furman University, caught a student cheating using the tool. This discovery left him feeling “abject terror” for what the future might entail.

“Certain jobs in sectors such as journalism, higher education, graphic and software design — these are at risk of being supplemented by AI,” Chinmay Hegde, a computer science and electrical engineering associate professor at New York University, said.

Among the sectors that may be affected include education, finance, software engineering and journalism.

Graphic designing is another potential market although the efforts of the AI, called DALL-E, still have some kinks that need to be addressed.

“I also asked it to do Matisse-style. It was not as good,” Shi quipped.

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