California Looks To Europe To Rein In AI

The richest state in the United States by GDP, California is a hotbed of no-holds-barred tech innovation, but lawmakers in state capital Sacramento want to give the industry laws and guardrails it has largely been spared in the internet age.

UN General Assembly To Address AI's Potential Risks, Rewards

The UN General Assembly will turn its attention to artificial intelligence on Thursday, weighing a resolution that lays out the potentially transformational technology's pros and cons while calling for the establishment of international standards.

Proliferating 'News' Sites Spew AI-generated Fake Stories

Propaganda-spewing websites have typically relied on armies of writers, but generative artificial intelligence tools now offer a significantly cheaper and faster way to fabricate content that is often hard to decipher from authentic information.

Samsung Turns To AI To Regain Smartphone Throne

Samsung on Wednesday released its latest Galaxy smartphones with new artificial intelligence features as the South Korean giant seeks win back its spot as the world's biggest phone seller from Apple.

US Teen Becomes First Human To Beat Tetris

Willis Gibson, 13, a competitive gamer known as "blue scuti," became the first human to reach the "kill screen" of the Nintendo version of the puzzle game, as fellow players followed his progress online.

AI Anxiety As Computers Get Super Smart

From Hollywood's death-dealing Terminator to warnings from genius Stephen Hawking or Silicon Valley stars, fears have been fueled that artificial intelligence (AI) could one day destroy humanity.

Google's New Phone To Run AI On-device

The announcement by Google caps the autumn release season for big tech hardware that saw Apple unveil the iPhone 15 series and Meta officially launch its latest VR headset.