We have bad news for Samsung smart TV users. According to Daily Mail, a few Samsung smart TVs won't be able to stream Netflix because of technical limitations. Now, if your television is brand new, you have nothing to worry about as this mainly concerns older models.

It was also reported that Netflix put up a statement on its website saying that those who own older television sets will have to buy a compatible device to stream Netflix. However, this statement has been deleted now.

According to The Independent, the changes will be effective from December 1, 2019. It is still not clear which models will no longer support this OTT platform, and Samsung has yet to comment on the same. Netflix had reportedly shared a list of devices compatible with the platform. However, that has been deleted too.

It is said that the list included Apple TV, Chromecast, game consoles, and a plethora of other set-top boxes. And, Samsung said that if you have devices such as a gaming console or set-top box, which supports Netflix, then you will be able to enjoy the service on your TV.

This change was confirmed to MailOnline, where Netflix claims that the number of people affected are a few, and they have already been notified and offered the necessary support.

A Netflix representative said, "We've notified all impacted members with more information about alternative devices we support so they can keep enjoying Netflix uninterrupted."

"On December 2nd, Netflix will no longer be supported on a small number of older devices due to technical limitations."

According to CNET, when you check out Samsung's support page, you will see a notice explain about the technical limitations. It reads, ""Some older Samsung smart TVs are affected by this change. In the future, Netflix can be viewed from many other devices capable of connecting to your TV."

Recently, Netflix also announced that it is trying to find ways to curb password sharing.