Palace officials on Sunday are reportedly worried about Prince Harry and his wife Meghan exploiting their connection to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as a way to deliver a hit show for Netflix, as the streaming giant reportedly put more pressure on them after the Invictus Games.

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have been confirmed to attend the Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee, and many in the Palace are working overtime to ensure that the couple would not exploit the event as a way of shoring up exclusive content for Netflix, according to News Australia.

“There are concerns [that] tension could explode if the Netflix team comes to the U.K. and tries to exploit their opportunities,” a royal insider said. “The worry is they will push it and try to gain access to areas of Jubilee celebration events where they can film Harry and Meghan and their children.”

This comes in as rumors abound that Netflix has been angered at Prince Harry for granting access and interviews to other networks regarding bombshells about their royal life, especially as their $100-million deal appears to have produced no new shows or content thus far, the Daily Mail reported.

“Netflix is paying them millions and they're giving all their best interviews to other networks. Do they expect Netflix to be happy about that?” an industry insider said.

Among the events that reportedly made them angry was an interview with NBC during the Invictus Games where Harry spoke about his meeting with the Queen, with an insider wondering why the comments weren’t saved exclusively for the Netflix crew that was filming with them at the time.

“Netflix would have loved the first comments about the visit to the Queen for the documentary,” the insider said. “There was a real sense of annoyance that they were made to another broadcaster.”

Royal expert Tina Brown, who recently released a book about the royals entitled “The Place Papers,” commented that the couple may be having a tough time navigating the role of producing content and entertainment, especially as no new shows have come off from them since signing the Netflix deal, according to the News International.

“Nothing is really going anywhere for Meghan. And the whole problem, with entertainment deal is you have to produce. They've signed with Netflix but what have we seen? Nothing. Creating entertainment that works is very hard to do,” she said.

Palace officials are worried that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may exploit their connection with the Queen for their Netflix deal, as the couple are reportedly under pressure from the streaming service to deliver a hit. Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images.

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