The case of an 18-year-old who was found dead last month got even more interesting with reports that she was sexually assaulted based on a new autopsy.

Debanhi Escobar was found dead last month with initial reports claiming that she fell into a water tank and died from a single blow to the head in Monterrey. She had been missing for two weeks.

However, a second autopsy revealed that she was sexually assaulted and was repeatedly beaten per The findings were produced by independent forensics that was commissioned by the Escobar family.

It was the 18-year-old girl’s father, Mario Escobar, who requested the independent autopsy due to the distrust he had with the government’s version of the events behind Debanhi’s death. The father shared the findings with the state of Nuevo León Attorney’s General Office and alleges that prosecutors then leaked the findings to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

“The body shows evidence of a violent sexual encounter. This is a violent homicidal death,” the El Pais story read.

The body of the 18-year-old was found in a motel in Monterrey, roughly 13 days after she was reported missing by her family. Initial reports alleged that Debanhi Escobar accidentally fell into the water tank and drowned.

The second autopsy report was dated Apr. 25, a day after Debanhi was buried. When the new autopsy came out, the government admitted that the teen did not drown inside the water tank.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was in Monterrey on Friday and agreed to meet Mario Escobar. The father requested a private meeting and sought help to solve his daughter’s case and also about the leak to the press of the investigation.

“I'm committed to clearing up what happened with this family. They are good people and are very hurt,” Lopez Obrador said. “There will be no impunity, no corruption, and we will serve justice.”

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