Carin León sings the song of the El Zorro PrimeVideo
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MIAMI - This week's new Latin music releases are brimming with emotional depth and powerful narratives. Carin León joins his voice with Rosario's and country star Keith Urban's on "SI ME LLEVAS CONTIGO". The track is the theme song from the original soundtrack for the Prime Video original series "Zorro," which will be streaming in the US and all Latin America as of January 19th.

Jennifer López dropped "Cant Get Enough," the first song from "This Is Me...Now", her first album in nine years. Meanwhile, Colombian-American singer-songwriter Kali Uchis intertwines her pregnancy announcement with her album release, "Orquídea," adding a deeply personal touch to her music. Puerto Rican rapper Residente offers a poignant tribute with "Ron en el piso," dedicating the song to his late cousin and extending an apology to his brother, Eduardo (Visitante of Calle 13).

Puerto Rico's rising star GALE reimagines Shakira's "Inevitable" with an energized cover, showcasing her versatility. This is particularly noteworthy given her collaboration with Shakira and Manuel Turizo on "Copa Vacía."

In his latest track "Licencia Pa Beber," Llane delves into the post-breakup emotional landscape, narrating the pain of a relationship's end. In the same theme, but with a more optimistic approach, is Camila Fernández, with her song "Como lo harían dos extraños."

From Argentina, Nathy Peluso and Emilia merge their talents in "JETSet," a testament to their combined musical prowess. Bad Gyal joined forces with Anitta in "Bota Niña", her first foray in Brazilian funk.

Majo Aguilar released her new album "Mariachi and Tequila Deluxe" and Danny Lux published "Un día entenderás" the first track of her new album "DLUX"

Each of these artists brings a unique flavor to the Latin music scene, highlighting the genre's rich diversity and emotional resonance.

Carin León, Rosario, Keith Urban - "Si me llevas contigo"

"Si Me Llevas Contigo" captures the fabled black masked cultural hero Zorro—representation from Spain, Mexico, and the US. The song is the second offering from the upcoming soundtrack, which has 14 original songs featuring some of the most revered artists in the industry such as Juanes, Luis Fonsi, La Santa Cecilia, Cami, Adriel Favela, Morat and the recent winner of the Best New Artist Latin GRAMMY, Joaquina.

Residente - "El ron en el piso"

The song came out with a six-minute video featuring all areas of his life. It starts with his family, the iconic group Calle 13, and many highlights of his most impactful moments. Residente salutes his personal and career victories and downfalls, where fans can relate to the evolution of life and the transformation of who you become over time. He also apologizes to his brother Eduardo Cabra, "with the hope of a return of Calle 13." In the video, there are cameos from his current partner, his ex-wife, his mother, and his siblings, among others.

Camila Fernández - Como lo harían dos extraños

Camila Fernández's vernacular side thrives in her latest single, "Como lo harían dos extraños," where she takes the classic tale of a fractured relationship and turns it into a message of hope: the wear and tear of love doesn't have to be the end, but a chance to rediscover each other.

Kali Uchis - Tu corazón es mío

Grammy-winning artist Kali Uchis reveals she is pregnant with her first child with her longtime partner Don Toliver via the video for "Tu Corazón es Mío". The song is part of Kali's new Spanish-language album, Orquídeas, out today.

Jennifer López - "Can't Get Enough"

The song is the lead track from her much-anticipated ninth studio album. Accompanying the single is a lighthearted music video in which Lopez seemingly jests about her own marital record before turning serious.

Other songs that came out this week are

Bizarrap, Young Miko - Session 58

Emilia, Nathy Peluso - JET_Set

GALE – Inevitable

Llane - "Licencia pa'beber"

Majo Aguilar - "Nos ganó el amor"

Bad Gyal, Anitta - "Bota niña"

Danny Lux - "Un día entenderás"

Adri Torrón - "Segunda parte"

Trueno - "No Cap/ A COLORS SHOW"

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