A Las Cruces, New Mexico man has been apprehended by law enforcement on Monday accused of scheming to assassinate U.S. President Joe Biden, plotting to abolish the government, and threatening to rub out employees of a Canadian tech company.

The offender John Thornton, 39, has been charged with transmitting in interstate commerce communication containing any threat to injure the person of another, a violation of federal law.

The FBI was alerted on May 18 about the nature of disturbing text messages sent by the accused to four people in Texas and Florida. Thornton allegedly tormented the victims on the danger of supporting the newly-installed President Biden.

According to FBI Special Agent Ryan Buckrop, authorities got hold of a phone belonging to Thornton, where a text message reads, "Tell my concern, their father is the revolutionary war general. 5 stars now. 5 stars after I execute Joe Biden for Treason."

Authorities alleged that Thornton had also been hounding people that he was going to execute staff at D-Wave Systems Inc., a quantum computing company based in British Columbia, Canada, KFOX14 reported.

"We are taking the Hells Angel's d-wave quantum computer company and shotgun [to] execute every single one of them for running MKTJLTRA," Thornton supposedly composed via text messages.

Authorities said that the man is accusing D-Wave Systems Inc. of having affiliations with the MK ULTRA research project, where the U.S. government sought to produce a mind-control drug during the cold-war era.

In Facebook posts, Thornton claimed that the computer company was drugging people with methamphetamine upon the orders of the government.

The messages were also determined to carry threats against Thornton's ex-wife, the U.S. president, as well as the recipient of the messages, according to the criminal complaint.

"Just so you know, my ex-wife is a traitor and likely to be executed by my new government," Thornton allegedly sent to several people.

Thornton has been a subject of complaints since November last year by several people who had received his terrorizing messages. The complainants reportedly characterized the messages as disturbing or threatening over the last four years.

Law enforcement obtained a warrant on May 21 to locate Thornton's cell phone, the same device he used to send the messages, and was later tracked to an address in Las Cruces, New Mexico, reported Las Cruces Sun-News.

Three days later, the suspect was nabbed by the FBI on May 24.

Thorton is currently being detained at the Doña Ana County Jail without bond. He will front the Las Cruces federal court on Friday at 9 a.m.

In a similar crime, a Gaston County man copped charges from the federal court in Charlotte for threatening to kill Biden earlier this year.

According to the Charlotte Observer, David Kyle Reeves, 27, of Gastonia, who logs an extensive history of violence, produced a series of capricious phone calls between Jan. 28 and Feb. 1 to the White House, threatening to murder Biden and several top federal figures.

A New Mexico man has been arrested by the FBI on Monday after threatening to assassinate U.S. President Joe Biden and staff at a Canadian tech company over its alleged link to the controversial MK ULTRA research project of the government during the Cold War. Doña Ana County Jail

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