A new mother has shared the experience when her boyfriend brought an Xbox and some video games to play on the TV in her delivery room.

The mother took it to their joint TikTok account Anxiety Couple, @anxietycouple, and shared a video of herself in her hospital bed, before pointing the camera at her partner – who is now her fiancé – who is seen standing in front of the TV with an Xbox controller in his hand.

In the video, the woman says: “So I might go into labour today, and my boyfriend is doing this…”

“Babe, why did you bring your Xbox?”

And he replied: “One game I promise.”

The woman was visibly concerned about her partner’s behaviour, reports the Mirror, and she captioned the clip: “He’s going to miss his son’s birth due to that Xbox.”

The couple’s video was an instant hit on the internet and garnered more than has been 7 million views. 

Thousands of netizens reacted to the video – with many people calling the dad “disrespectful”.

One person wrote: “I play games and to me, this is just disrespectful, he’s missing memories here should be having.”

While another user posted: “I'd be so embarrassed when the doctors came in.”

Some netizens defended the dad’s actions saying they too have played video games while waiting for their baby to arrive.

Someone said: “I honestly don’t mind that at all! I told my husband to bring the Nintendo Switch so we can play Mario Kart when I go into labour.”

And another user agreed, commenting: “We brought the Xbox when I was in with our second one.”

To which a third user wrote: “Honestly I would probably be playing with him if I was in your situation.”

However, the new mother made another post revealing that she was just “kidding” with her initial post, and she actually didn’t have an issue with her partner playing games while she waited to go into labour.

In fact, the mother even claims it was her idea to bring the Xbox.

She wrote in a comment: “I’m kidding I had my dad bring it for him he deserved it for always being there with me.”
Man brings Xbox into girlfriend's delivery room. Some netizens branded him 'disrespectful' while others said they would do the same. @anxietycouple/TikTok