If you didn’t have the best 2019 and are looking to start the New Year right, then we have the perfect plan for you. Instead of making resolutions to diet and go to the gym, we have a list of 5 lucky New Year’s Eve foods that will bring you good luck for all of 2020! And even luckier for you these foods are not complicated or serious recipes. These New Year’s Eve treats could be served and eaten as fun party games, giving you the opportunity to provide some good fortune to all of your friends and family.

While they may not be the most delicious of lucky foods, they may the most important! Greens are supposedly lucky if eaten on New Year’s Eve, mainly because they resemble money. So serve up a bountiful spinach salad to all of your guests and be sure you grab some greens yourself, in order to provide yourself with some prosperity and wealth for the New Year. Another lucky food to munch on during tonight’s festivities is fish! Now you may not be able to cook up a full gourmet fish, but that's okay, give your friends some luck in 2020 with a salmon or white fish spread. Fish are known for bringing success, and good fortune. Fish are also said to protect you from dangers, so if you are looking for some more safety in 2016, maybe you should pack the spread on those crackers!

The third lucky food to consume on New Year’s Eve is a fruit! Now don't stress about heading to the supermarket, there are a bunch of fruits you can serve that and are seriously lucky. A Mexican tradition is to eat one grape every hour throughout the night. With each grape representing the 12 months of the year, you are getting 12 bursts of luck and deliciousness! If you don't have grapes around the house don't worry, pick up a pomegranate. Not only is the ruby-red fruit delicious and beautiful the multiple seeds within it represent richness for the coming year. Lastly, if you are attempting to start a family in 2016, then bite into the sweetness of the fig. Figs symbolize fertility, and are luckily a sweet and healthy treat!

Grains also ensure a happy and healthy New Year. Try serving delicious rice of quinoa dish tonight at your party, grains symbolize long life and health. While you are indulging in carbs and other delightfully delicious foods, make sure you get your dessert on! Try out a ring-shaped cake, which symbolize the year coming full circle. The circular cake represents 2015 coming to an end. The last food ready to bring you luck in the New Year is beans! If you avoided the greens but want to make sure you see some green in the forthcoming year, then get to the beans! Beans resemble money as well, they specifically resemble coins, and try getting some beans into your body by eating them in a delicious soup, maybe even a pasta fagioli!

Image: Shutterstock.com