New Year’s Resolutions 2020: 6 Effective Ways To Accomplish Your Goals

It happens like clockwork each year. Right after Christmas has passed, people start to reflect back on what they’ve done for the past year and start drafting their New Year’s resolutions 2020.

But as most people know, old habits die hard and the resolve to change for the better won’t probably make it past January. However, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Here are some tips from the Harvard Medical School to help people persevere and stick to the goals for 2020.

1. Aim for something ambitious...

Some people tend to make allowances and try to set smaller goals that are easier to achieve. It sounds logical but according to Harvard Med School, a small goal may not be compelling enough. Setting larger goals, on the other hand, might even inspire others who will then try to help people achieve them.

2. ...but break it down to bite-size steps

Dreaming big is good to stay motivated and inspired. But breaking the big goal into smaller, more manageable pieces is necessary so one does not feel overwhelmed at having to achieve so much all at once.

3. Understand why you resist changing old habits

There are always pluses and minuses to every change. The reason why some people just can’t change is that the pleasurable payoffs of harmful habits such as overeating and smoking might be too hard to resist.

The trick is to make replace bad behaviors with something just as enjoyable. For example, people might smoke so they can relax and enjoy some sort of a mini-break from monotony. Replacing smoking with walking might still give people the chance to relax and take a mini-break without the unhealthy effects of nicotine.

Those trying to lose weight might find it hard to resist overeating in the long run. However, learning to cook and prepare meals and snacks that are healthier and more filling might just help them persevere to the very end. Not only will they love the preparation part, but they’ll also be getting healthier replacements to their usual calorie-laden treats.

4. Commit and hold yourself accountable

One should start telling close friends and family about his goals for the year. The idea here is that if other people know about it, they might even start to monitoring one’s progress, which makes it harder to backtrack. It becomes some sort of peer pressure urging people to slug it out without trying to make up excuses.

One brave soul even created a Facebook page to publicly post her goals and progress. This might have worked for her but remember there are online trolls out there.

5. Reward small successes

One doesn’t have to wait until the grand goal’s finish line has been crossed to celebrate. Every step of the way counts. It’s important to acknowledge those incremental positive changes along the way as it will help in keeping the motivation burning.

6. Learn but don’t be discouraged by slip-ups

Slip-ups are bound to happen. Unfortunately, some people would let a single mistake balloon out of proportions inside their heads. They might even think of quitting just because of a single mistake.

Know that they’re bound to happen. But rather than be discouraged by them, take it as an opportunity to learn from the mistake and take steps so it won’t happen again.