New York, Sep 8 (EFE) - Spanish actor Óscar Jaenada has made his debut as a model at New York Fashion Week in a show of support for another debut, that of designer Roberto Etxeberria whose spring/summer 2015 collection marked the end of the event.

The Goya Award winner for "Camaron" and the star of the biography of Mexican comedian Cantinflas, currently playing in theaters in the U.S., told Efe that he "had no idea" about what he wore, but that he wanted to return the favor to Etxeberria for having "helped him in a lot of movies".

Jaenada and Etxeberria, both residents of Barcelona, made a case for leather in all its forms during Sunday's show.

The actor first wore a camel-colored suede trenchcoat and trousers and shoes of cow hair, exchanging this later for a shirt and culottes in an all-black highlighted with red pockets.

"We artists work in the same building but on different floors. Sometimes we climb up to the roof or head to the basement," explained the actor who has worked in the "Pirates of the Carribean" series and the two-part biopic on Che Guevara directed by Steven Soderbergh.