Officials arrest a Bronx woman and her teenage son for the brutal death of a seven-year-old girl who was allegedly tortured, beaten, and sexually assaulted while in their care.

The murder and manslaughter of Julissa Batties were allegedly committed by Navasia Jones, 36, and her 17-year-old son Paul Fine, Jr. of Brooklyn. Julissia had been residing with her grandmother as her parents battled over custody of her.

Crime Online mentioned that officers made six visits over the course of three years, with the most recent one being in March 2020. In one of those circumstances, Jones is alleged to have stood in for her son.

The dead child was caught on camera screaming and pleading with her grandma not to go back to her mother's house for a visit that had been ordered by the court. Due to abuse and neglect, Jones allegedly lost custody of her four boys and daughter at birth.

Two months after being allowed to return to her mother's house by herself by the Administration for Children's Services, Batties was murdered.

"I didn't kill my daughter, b***h," reporters were allegedly screamed at as she was brought from the 40th Precinct station house.

According to a source, Davis claimed that Jones has seven further children and that the city has at some point taken each of her seven children away from her.

Charges against Jones and Fine include manslaughter, murder, and endangering a child. Jones was accused of failing to exert control over a minor, while Fine Jr. was charged with assault and sexual abuse. On Wednesday at 9:30 am, 40th Precinct police in New York City arrested Jones and Fine, Jr.

Jones is currently being charged with killing someone, manslaughter, endangering a kid, and failing to maintain control over a child. Her adolescent son is charged with child endangerment, sexual assault, and murder.

Jones asserts that on the evening of August 10, her daughter Julissa Batties died after tripping and hitting her head on a desk. One day after Julissia was killed, Jones's son, 18-year-old Paul Fine, admitted to police that he had frequently hit his sister in the days leading up to her death because he thought she had stolen some snacks.

Julissia died of "blunt force abdominal injuries," according to the city's medical examiner's office. Officers then classified the incident a homicide case, as the The Daily Beast reported.

Both Jones and Fine are accused of murder and manslaughter; Fine is also accused of child sex abuse.

Julissia's father, Julius, said to reporters on Wednesday: "Everyone was let down by the system." He added that he was ready for justice to be delivered.

Yolanda Davis, Julissia's grandmother who had raised her granddaughter, eagerly anticipated this moment of justice.

"Our main focus is preserving the safety and well-being of all children in New York City," stated an ACS spokeswoman at the time. "We are investigating this situation with the NYPD," Daily Mail reported.

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