Nicole Sirotek, a nurse who, until a few days ago, worked at a New York Hospital, with tears in her eyes and much despair, recounted in a 24-minute video, the terrible situation that every day both medical staff and patients face. "I don't know what to do anymore," said the nurse, denouncing that the deaths of minorities in the said hospital are not only due to the coronavirus, but due to lack of treatment and even negligence.

“I know that not everyone is going to survive, I am not so innocent. I know we will have many victims. But these people are not dying from coronaviruses (...) I am literally telling you that they are murdering these people. And nobody listens to me,” Sirotek assured detailing several examples. The nurse allegedly witnessed how medical personnel applied treatments that ultimately ended the lives of patients, as well as incorrect tubing. "I saw an anesthetist put in an ET tube and break his esophagus and the guy suffocated to death with his own blood. The coronavirus did not position that tube incorrectly," she said.

“Even support organizations don't give a sh*t about these people. Literally, the lives of blacks don't matter here. And, I mean, that's pretty sad that someone who is white and lives hundreds of miles away from this city cares more about these people than those in this city," said Sirotek, assuring that he had complained to the medical staff without any response.

"Nobody cares because they are all minorities and we are in the damn 'neighborhood.' And that's not right. I grew up very poor and I know what it's like to be completely forgotten and no one defending you,” she continued.

Sirotek also compared the current situation with the Holocaust. “The only way to put this in context for everyone is, and this is going to be a kind of extreme example, this is really the only thing I can think of. It is as if we are in Nazi Germany, and they take the Jews to put them in a gas chamber, I am the one who says 'hey, this is not good'. We should not do this."

She also criticized the messages of encouragement she receives, since she considers them unnecessary. “Then everyone says to me,‘ hold on, you're doing a great job. You cannot save everyone. You are amazing. You are a great nurse. ’ Guys, I know I'm a damn great nurse. I know I go there and I give him 500% every day. I know I am not being negligent. Okay, I know, dammit. What I need is someone to help me save these people from being killed. From gross negligence and complete medical mismanagement. And nobody is listening to me,” she claimed.