After attempting to repeat a social media 'prank,' a newly-qualified driver's attempt to achieve TikTok stardom ended with her friend in intensive care with a cracked skull and bleed on the brain.

Natasha Graham, 19, of South Shields, South Tyneside in England, drove her Fiat 500 while her companion gripped the front of her vehicle in a supermarket car park in Sunderland last November.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, lost their grasp while attempting to duplicate the social media prank and suffered major injuries requiring hospitalization.

Graham has now been sentenced to a year in prison with no possibility of parole for his "immature yet completely irresponsible driving prank."

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw told the court (via an online tabloid): "The offense occurred in the Morrisons car park in Sunderland when the defendant attempted to create a video where a car was driven with someone on the bonnet."

"The defendant accepts her driving fell below the standards of a competent and careful driver," Wardlaw added.

The horrifying incident in which the teen fell from the car was captured on video by a mobile phone, another online tabloid said. Witnesses stated the vehicle traveled in wide loops around the parking lot but not at high speed.

According to the court, the car, which had one other passenger inside, initially reversed while the victim held on. Graham attempted the maneuver again after coming to a halt, but this time she raced forward.

Wardlaw said per Chronicle Live: "The complainant was initially laughing but it became screams as the car became faster, before they slipped off."

Responders took the victim in the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) in Newcastle. The teen spent time in intensive care with a cracked skull, a tiny bleed on the brain, and a shattered ankle.

The victim is still dealing with physical concerns, such as personality changes, mood swings, and difficulty digesting essential information, but she is making significant progress.

Graham told detectives she was a rookie driver who was unfamiliar with the vehicle when she was interviewed. She went on to say that when she accelerated and struggled to find the clutch bite, the victim must have been startled by the motor noise and jumped off the bonnet.

A TikTok star, her mother, and three others were arrested and charged with the murder of two men who died in an alleged car chase in Leicestershire, England, on Friday, Feb. 11. This is a representational image. antonbe/ Pixabay

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