A newly married woman, who was upset with her in-laws, has been accused of murdering the 18-month-old son of her sister-in-law in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh.

The child died and four other relatives of the woman were seriously ill recently after they drank poisonous tea served by the accused. The ones who are ill and undergoing treatment at a hospital, are her brother-in-law Jitendra, sister-in-law Shivani, niece Srishti and father-in-law Pancham Jaiswal. Shivnath, the child who died, was the son of accused Anita Jaiswal’s other sister-in-law, according to Outlook India.

The body of the child has been sent for post-mortem examination, and forensic analysis of the tea sample has been conducted.

Bahraich’s Additional Superintendent of Police Kunwar Gyananjay Singh, said that Ankita and Pooran Jaiswal got married last December, but she didn't want to live with her husband or at her in-laws’ place, according to Kalinga TV. "That is why she poisoned their tea on Monday. While the husband left without drinking tea, other members of the family consumed the same," said Singh.

Anita had left her in-laws’ house recently, but came back a day before the incident. The poisonous substance that Anita mixed in the tea was reportedly brought from her parent’s home. Police said that the motive was being investigated, and there is a possibility of an extra-marital affair.

Meanwhile, Anita has been detained, and a case has been registered against her on the basis of the complaint filed by her brother-in-law.

In a separate incident that took place last month, an Egyptian woman poisoned her husband and their three kids, who were aged six to nine years. The children died after drinking poisoned juice while their father was taken to a hospital.

Police found that the woman had an affair with a man, and they had decided to get rid of her husband and the kids, reported Gulf News. The woman's lover injected a poisonous substance into juice packets that were served to her family. Once her family got poisoned, the woman said that they had suffered food poisoning after drinking expired juice. Later, the woman and her lover confessed to the crime, and were kept in police custody for further investigation.

There have been more family-related crimes in Egypt. Last month, a young wife confessed to having stabbed her husband to death in their house north of Cairo during an argument sparked by her request for extra money to cover expenses of a holiday.

Dead body
An American tourist has been discovered dead at the same posh Bahamas resort where three travellers also died due to carbon monoxide poisoning earlier this year. This is a representational image. Pixabay