Nadine Gonçalves, the mother of Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar Jr., had to flee her home after being allegedly attacked by her ex-boyfriend, Tiago Ramos.

The attack reportedly happened at Gonçalves' home in Rio de Janeiro, where they had been meeting in secret, the iG reported.

According to reports, the 25-year-old former footballer exploded with jealousy and 'destroyed' the apartment after Gonçalves refused to fulfill some of his ‘extravagant requests’.

"The neighbours heard screams, cursing, the noise of bottles thrown on the ground and the voice of a woman crying," Journalist Gabriel Perline reported.

After the alleged attack, Ramos left the apartment to cool off and Gonçalves quickly gathered her things and left. Before she left to her home in Santos, Gonçalves warned the security guards to forbid Ramos’ entry in the building.

A while later, Ramos returned to the apartment and was stopped at the entrance. He then reportedly started to build a shack close to the place, but was restrained and removed from the site. 

It was reported that he later found shelter in the house of acquaintances.

The pair first hit headlines in April 2020, after the 54-year-old announced on Instagram that she was romantically involved with Ramos, who is six years younger than her son. 

"The inexplicable cannot be explained, just experienced," the caption read. The post was followed by images of Ramos with the PSG superstar.

However, the relationship soured over time. Later that month, reports indicated  Goncalves had dumped Ramos after she found out that her bisexual boyfriend  had dated Neymar's chef Mauro before getting into a relationship with her. 

The couple later got back together and began spending more time at the apartment, that she had rented to meet her boyfriend, despite disapproval from family members who had urged Goncalves to end her casual fling.

In June 2020, Ramos was rushed to the hospital after a domestic accident injured him. It was reported that Gonçalves had to call the ambulance after Ramos cut his arm with a broken glass. 

"They clarified there was no assault, just a domestic accident that left Tiago’s arm badly injured. He’s still recovering. The two of them are doing well," Neymar Jr's spokesman had told The Sun.

However, some local media reports had claimed that Ramos injured himself by punching a window during a fight with Gonçalves . At the time, they had been together for less than two months.

In Dec 2020, Gonçalves decided to give Ramos another chance and took him to Cancun, Mexico for a few days. 

There he had a new rage and appeared all bloodied on his social media claiming that he had been stabbed in a restaurant. The pair had been reportedly living separately since then.

Nadine Gonçalves Nadine Gonçalves, the mother of Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar Jr., had to flee her home after being allegedly attacked by her boyfriend, Tiago Ramos. Nadine Gonçalves/ Instagram