After a five-year hiatus when they released "Peligro" in 2011, Reik is making their return with fresh music. A lot can change in five years, however, especially in the biz, where music trends are constantly changing. That's why the Mexican pop band has given a new twist to their upcoming production, "Des/Amor," with the help of Nicky Jam, who is part of one of the tracks. 

"He started working with my managers and Mexico and when I met him, he told me that most of his songs start out as ballads and that made me very curious," frontman Jesús Navarro told Billboard. "We started talking about writing something together and while we were writing, I showed him 'Ya Me Enteré' and he thought it was amazing. So we went to Medellín, Colombia to record the new version and it was a great experience," he stated, emphasizing that the final result with the Puerto Rican urban star is awesome!

Navarro, who is part of the trio along with Julio Ramírez and Bibi Marín, said their forthcoming fifth studio album includes other fusions than their romantic ballads. "Ten years ago there was a market for every genre, but now we're competing with so many other artists. We felt that we needed to make things a bit more fun, different and interesting," he told Billboard. "We have more confidence in what we type of music we want to put out there. We'll see how the audience takes this change, you never know. And I hope it will connect with people," he added. 

Navarro, who is no stranger to taking risks, admitted that their last album released five years ago and which was more electronic based, did not feel organic and made no sense. "In 'Des/Amor' we found what we were looking for and the album is very different than from anything else we've done. Obviously we still have our ballad songs but we have tracks that have a reggae feeling to it," he said.

As we wait for the reggaeton version of "Ya Me Entere" ft. Nicky Jam to drop, check out the official music video of the original single, which dropped this week. "Des/Amor" is expected to launch June 17.