nicki jam
Singer Nicky Jam knot the tie with fiance Angélica Cruz in Colombia. Photo: @nickyjampr Instagram

Nicky Jam married his two-year girlfriend Angélica Cruz in a very private ceremony in Medellín, Colombia.

The couple requested a no cellphone policy for the ceremony, but some celebs like Vin Diesel, who went live on Facebook, and J Balvin, couldn't keep up with the secret. Even Nicky hours before the ceremony, shared videos of himself while getting ready with family and friends.

"This is the best wedding I've ever been to," said Vin Diesel in his video while standing next to Nicky Jam. "I mean that in my heart, Nicky. It's the best wedding, and I've been to weddings all over the world by all kinds of people, and I've never seen a wedding like this."

The wedding reportedly included a Catholic mass and had Gente de Zona and Jerry Rivera as performers. But it was singer J Balvin the one who stole the spotlight while on the dance floor. The "Safari" singer attempted to do a backflip surrounded by the protagonists of the night -the newly married couple- and their closest friends, and apparently Balvin did not calculate the height and fell heavily on the floor, leaving all the guests speechless.

Fortunately, the fall was not serious and J Balvin "rose from the ground" making the moment the best viral video of the weekend.

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