Nicolás Maduro Threatens CNN; Venezuelan President Demands Network To Rectify Their Content Or Signal Will Be Blocked

Nicolás Maduro
Nicolás Maduro has said CNN's programming only shows war and claims they want to make Venezuela look as if they were in a civil war. If they don't take it back and rectify their content, Maduro says they will be blocked from Venezuela. Reuters

There’s no doubt there’s a situation of unrest in Venezuela, and every day that goes by it gets worse, according to the images, videos and posts we see from the people living there and going through very scary times. However, the president Nicolás Maduro is trying hard to make everyone believe that the country is fine, and has gone as far as kicking out American diplomats who he accused of helping students finance the protests, blocking images on Twitter, and most recently, threaten to ban CNN.

On Thursday, Maduro called for a press conference and revealed he was watching CNN  and he was shocked with their content. “All 24 hours their programming is about war. They want to show the world that there is a civil war in Venezuela, when the people here are working, studying and helping their country. I already told secretary Delcy Rodríguez to notify CNN that the administrative process to remove them from Venezuela has started if they don’t rectify. CNN is gone if they don’t rectify,” expressed Maduro.

It’s not the first time the regime has banned the press. During the protests, when the first three students were killed, the government pulled Colombian network NTN24, which was transmitting all the encounters between civilians and police, and they were pulled from the air in the middle of their broadcast. Twitter also suffered a similar fate. The social networking site said the Venezuelan government blocked users’ online images. Nu Wexler, a Twitter spokesman, confirmed that the government was behind the disruption.

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