A photo of Nicolas Maduro on Madonna's Instagram page. Instagram/Madonna

Venezuela's protests have become increasingly violent and have generated a lot of public attention. Madonna has lashed out at Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro on Instagram saying "Apparantly Maduro is not familiar with the phrase "Human Rights"! Facism is alive and thriving in Venezuela and Russia. The Ukraine isn't far behind! #wakethefuckup #revolutionoflove," posting a photo of Maduro himself on her account. The post has received over 40k likes so far.

Venezuela's protest situaton has gotten deadly: the death toll has risen to six, including model Génesis Carmona. Madonna has often been politically outspoken, particularly on human rights issus. Last week, Madonna participated in an Amnesty International concert in New York where she introuduced the lead singers from Pussy Riot. She has also initiated a project called "Art for Freedom," a secretive project enlisting director Steven Klein and singer Katy Perry.

Madonna had a similar reaction to the news of the Pussy Riot band members being beaten on the streets of Sochi recently: "Are you kidding me? Are the police in Russia actually whipping Pussy Riot for making music on the streets? Is this the dark ages? GOD bless P. R. They are fearless! #artforfreedom #revolutionoflove." Madonna has become an increasingly activist pop star with her involvement in concerts like Live Earth and Live Aid and her documentary "I Am Because We Are."

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