Fashion Designer and socialite Nicole Richie joined Cat Greenleaf in an interview for "Talk Stoop" to discuss how Richie went from reality TV star to actress in NBC’s “Great News,” when everything turned horrible awkward. 

Born as Nicole Camille Escovedo, the Mexican, English, and African-American descendent television personality and the TV host were discussing how excited she was that Los Angeles was getting some much-needed rain. 

Richie's excitement influenced Greenleaf who raised her hand to offer a high five that resulted in a slap. Due the embarrassing moment, the interviewer's shame was quite noticeable.

nicole richie The moment Nicole gets slapped. Photo: Screenshot / Youtube

After the awkward moment, they discussed Richie's upcoming spot in NBC's "Great News." This will be Richie's first scripted role, where she'll play Portia.

Sites like Perez Hilton, shared the comic moment that caused positive comments to Richie's reaction. "Nicole is ducking hilarious!!! She handled that like a pro!" added one Instagramer. 

Three hours later the 35-year-old mother of two shared the video in her Instagram account where her faithful followers commented with thousands of laughter and smiling emojis. "I have watched this 15 times and it's still funny," wrote one of the users to the publication that has generated more than 534,000 views.

Watch below to see the slap!