Ninel Conde is the center of controversy once again after two former bodyguards revealed information that paints the singer in bad light. Oswaldo Hernández Durán y Crisóforo Fernández Rivera spoke to tabloid magazine TV Notas and have accused Conde of cheating on her ex-husband Juan Zepeda, bipolar and addicted to drugs. Both former employees say that Ninel was not faithful to Zepeda and was seeing three different men simultaneously. Hernández and Fernández didn't reveal if they had proof of these allegations against the "Bombón Asesino" hit maker.

Conde has lashed out after the report made waves and defends herself from the scandal. Ninel says the two men never worked explicitly under contract with her company and has no ties with them and accuses Juan Zepeda of trying to harm her image. "The most important motive that moves Mr. Zepeda is not cover a debt that he has with me," she said in a statement. "All truth is documented for 5 million pesos, quantity that in 7 years I never saw him generate." She closes asking fans, media and fellow artists to close the doors in these actions that cause harm to the industry.

Zepeda previously accused Ninel Conde of targeting certain entertainment reporters that she disliked. "Many time she was made that you [reporters] were doing your job y she asked me to act against you," Zepeda said. "Obviously I never did because I understand the work that you do." He has also said that he does not owe Conde any money, "at the moment my lawyers are trying to make her understand that the situations are not as she thinks they are."