NBC Universo just announced the upcoming transmission of the drama series “Niño Santo” for 2017.

The show, that stars Karla Souza as Lucía Suarez, José María de Tavira as Damián and Francisco De La Reguera as Farca, among others, narrates the story of a young man who has supernatural powers to heal people. It’s inspired on a real story of a man known as “El Niño Fidencio,” one of Mexico’s most recognized healers.

Niño Santo José María De Tavira is "Niño Santo," a risky but amazing opportunity for the actor. Getty Images

A group of young doctors is sent to vaccinate the locals from Agua Azul, México, suffering from an unknown epidemic. Once there, they encounter resistance from the local community who believes on the mysterious faith healer, “El Niño.” The curiosity of the doctors leads them to become involved with this group in the name of science. As they witness extraordinary phenomena outside reality, the “miracles” they witness begin to weigh scientific impossibility against the possibility of faith.

Scenes From "Niño Santo". The new drama series stars "How To Get Away With Murder" Mexican actress Karla Souza. Getty Images

Mexican American actress, Karla Souza, known for her role as Laurel Castillo on the ABC legal drama series, "How to Get Away with Murder," performs a very different role on this 13- episode series.

On this mega production, the channel touches this controversial topic, focusing on history and reality more than fictional facts. The show has a lot of action and is already anticipated in the Latin community. Check on the trailer below and enjoy!