To this day, the ending of the latest James Bond film has drawn mixed reactions because it was a final scene that most would not expect.

Most know that the final scene of “No Time To Die” was a bit different with 007 (Daniel Craig) dying in the end. A lot of conspiracy theories have cropped up and most are now clueless on what the future holds for the James Bond franchise.

One person who says she would have been outraged if she were not informed of the proper ending was Naomie Harris who played the role of Eve Moneypenny.

She admitted that she thought that the ending could have possibly been different and added she would have been outraged if she was not informed about the proper ending when she talked to CinemaBlend.

"I would have been so outraged if they didn't give me the proper ending, oh, my gosh ... I couldn't believe it," Harris said. "I actually thought they were going to change it. I thought, 'Okay, so they've written this ending, but that's not real. They can't -- they can't do that.' Because that doesn't happen to Bond ever, right? I mean, I've never seen that happen to Bond -- ever."

Hence, the debate right now is on whether it will be the last James Bond movie. The only thing certain is that Daniel Craig appeared in his last James Bond film so the next one if one does come out, will have a new lead taking on the secret agent’s role.

According to filmmaker Cary Fukunaga, he wanted to give Craig a proper sendoff, something that would not only honor the legacy of the character but allow the future of the franchise to find a new way to explore the concept of the talented spy.

Bond sacrificing himself to save the world was epic so it will be interesting how future James Bond-related films will pick up from “No Time To Die.”

Naomie Harris
Naomie Harris Getty Images | David M. Benett/Dave Benett

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