Several people were killed in North Carolina in an alleged shooting that included one officer on Thursday, Oct. 13.

The incident allegedly happened around 5:00 p.m. local time that left at least five people dead.

Raleigh Police confirmed at around 9:30 p.m. that a suspect was arrested in connection with the incident. Unnamed witnesses also added that a male teenager dressed in camouflage was seen during the alleged shooting, the Daily Beast reported.

The same suspect was reportedly brought to the hospital with his condition unknown according to Corey Branch, a city council member.

"I heard two gunshots and they were really loud so I knew something was close by, and then I heard three other gunshots," a witness named Robert told WRAL. "I saw him basically pass my house in the backyard. He had a long barrel shotgun. He was dressed in camo. He had a full backpack on that was also camouflage."

The incident is the latest in reports of deadly mass shootings, something that has resulted in calls by the public and lawmakers to have stricter measures as far as firearm ownership.

United States President Joe Biden signed into law the Bipartisan Safe Communities Act, the most significant piece of gun legislation to pass in decades.

Part of the bill includes $750 million in federal funding for states to implement intervention programs such as gun restraining orders, better known as "red flag laws."

The coverage of the law is different per state. However, it generally allows law enforcement, family members, and sometimes school staff to petition for someone's firearms to be confiscated if they present a danger to themselves or others.

The law was placed in the spotlight again following the Fourth of July mass shooting that happened in Highland Park, Illinois.

The suspect in that shooting showed types of issues that may have triggered the red flag laws. Seven people were killed and dozens were left injured from that shooting incident.

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