Paramedics and doctors could do nothing to save the life of 31-year-old Marina Lebedeva. The influencer passed away while undergoing rhinoplasty to correct her nose shape. It is believed that she had a reaction to the anesthesia resulting in her death. An investigation has been launched to determine if medical negligence played a role in her death.

On Wednesday, Aug. 25 Lebedeva went to the Artibeaut clinic in St Petersburg, Russia for her surgery. While the surgery was underway her body temperature drastically rose. Her condition worsened to the point where the clinic had to call an ambulance.

Doctors at the clinic, as well as paramedics, tried to stabilize and revive the woman. Lebedeva did not recover and died at the scene. Police have initiated a medical negligence investigation. If the surgeons are found guilty, they could face six years in prison, The Sun reported.

The director of the clinic, Alexander Efremov, claims that all precautions and tests were done before the surgery. His belief is that the woman had a genetic disorder that led to a reaction to the anesthesia.

Lebedeva’s husband was out of town on business when she died. He rushed back after hearing the news. He is taking care of the couple’s young son.

The deceased woman’s doctors remain under investigation. In the case of a woman who died during liposuction, her beauty doctor is under trial.

In Hong Kong, 38-year-old Vanessa Kwan Hau-chi performed the fatal procedure on 32-year-old Josephine Lee Kar-ying under questionable circumstances. It is believed that the doctor anesthetized the patient in the absence of a trained anesthetist or anesthesiologist on June 26, 2014.

After performing the procedure, Kwan left Lee lying flat on her face. The patient was left under the supervision of four underqualified staff members. In the absence of proper monitoring devices, the staff had been relying on the woman snoring to tell if she was sedated.

When they noticed that the woman had stopped snoring but was not awake, they raised an alarm. They alerted emergency services but took no steps to resuscitate the woman while they waited. Lee was pronounced dead after being transported to a hospital.

Kwan has been charged with manslaughter due to gross negligence. As the trial continues seven years since Lee’s death, the accused continues to deny the charges.

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