An Oak Ridge nurse is facing federal charges for sordidly mailing a soiled sanitary pad, stained with blood from a patient at the hospital she worked at, to her husband's former wife to harass the victim, also sending her dog feces and an abusive letter peppered with insulting and offensive threats.

The recurring aggravation came to light after the U.S. Postal Inspection Service filed a complaint against Della Marie Gibson Lathum, 37, for breaching the agency's rules of transmitting biohazardous materials.

USPS rules state “that material such as biological and regulated material waste is not permitted in domestic mail except when they are intended for medical or veterinary use,” ABC6-WATE reported.

The pestering Lathum reportedly voluntarily offered her testimony after an arrest warrant was issued against her in April.

Lathum confessed to impulsively using blood obtained from a patient at her workplace to stain the maxi pads she sent to her husband's ex via mail. She admitted that she would "normally dispose of the blood draw, but instead set it aside” for use in her nefarious harassment scheme, WBIR reported.

The fuming suspect similarly disclosed that she executed the crimes because "she wanted 'the kids' to know the truth about [her husband's ex]," accusing that the victim was “lazy, didn't work and lived off the system," federal court documents showed.

Lathum also admitted to sending packages containing dog feces and a letter containing offensive comments to the victim, Loudon County Sheriff’s Office had stated.

In sending her abuse letter, Lathum reportedly audaciously used her workplace's address, Parkwest Medical Center. She mailed the letter with a return address directed to the health facility's Women’s Health Specialist with the words “New Patient” stamped on the envelope.

Lathum has since been released on bond with conditions that include probation, travel restrictions, and not partaking in alcohol.

The harasser has also been forbidden to work in the medical field and must avoid any kind of contact with her husband's former wife and the victim’s minor children.

Records showed that Lathum was also previously arrested for vandalizing the ex-wife’s work car and admitted to intentionally causing damage worth more than $1,000.

She also confessed to mailing a separate letter to the victim's minor daughter in April that was concealed as a party invitation. On the abusive note, Lathum told the child “you are poor white trash faking a fancy life,” and “your mom is broke and lazy & won’t pay her bills.”

Lathum, who is currently unemployed, is set to appear in court on July 28 and face charges of stalking, harassment, and vandalism.

An Oak Ridge woman has been found guilty of harassing her husband's former wife by sending the victim blood-stained napkins, feces, and letters containing insulting notes. She had also reportedly vandalized and damaged the ex-wife's car. She is set to front court next month, facing several charges. This is a representational image. PI

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