In what seems like a horrific case of child abuse; two women were arrested in Anambra state after the police broke into their address on Akunwata Mbamalu Street, only to find 3 battered children locked up in a room filled with fetish items.  As reported on Emmanuel’s Blog, Rejoice Raymond, 39, and Chidi Felicia Nwafor, 80, were arrested by police operatives attached to 3-3 Police Station Nkwelle.

The children, 2 boys and a girl, were found in disturbing states, as they were fatally malnourished and left lying in their blood. The room bore a ghastly look, with bloodstains splashed across the room, alongside a mortar and multiple pestles, blood-stained canes, concoction, and more.

The children, who were held hostage in the room, seemed to have been made to defecate in a bucket.  The children, albeit mildly conscious, were unable to talk at the time of their rescue.

According to the Anambra state police, the women allegedly “subjected them into physical and emotional torture without feeding and inflicted several wounds on their body leaving them unconscious.”

The police further averred in the statement: "Scene was visited by the DPO 3-3 CSP Abdu Bawa where a gory sight of badly battered victims, one with a broken arm were found in the pool of their blood and whose parents were neither seen nor known.” Further adding, “Preliminary Investigation further revealed some fetish substances, blood-stained canes, concoctions, and other incriminating items were all recovered inside the rooms and registered as exhibits.”

The children, whose identities are also yet to be known, were rushed to the hospital for emergency medical attention. Speculations ran amok that the women were actively running a ministry and engaged in fetishism that included pounding children in mortar.

Further probe into the incident is underway, while reports suggest that the Commissioner of Police CP Monday Bala Kuryas,fsi has sought a discreet investigation into the case.

The battered children were brutally bruised, and recused in a semi-conscious state The battered children were brutally bruised, and recused in a semi-conscious state.