Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has been tested negative for COVID-19 on Thursday. The 73-year-old governor was initially tested positive just the day before, as he underwent a customary test as part of the protocol on the tarmac at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland before greeting President Trump.

“A big surprise to me and certainly a big surprise to our family,” said DeWine during a news conference broadcast from his porch on his farm in Cedarville in southwestern Ohio, where he initially planned to quarantine for 14 days. Despite belonging to the senior citizens' category, both DeWine and his wife Fran have a sound health record. He mentioned that he often got mild headaches though.

Following DeWine's initial positive results for the COVID-19 test on the day before; DeWine called for a quick check of his wife and the entire team of staff in Columbus. Everyone on the team was administered a PCR test, which holds an impressive repute of accurately detecting the virus, on Thursday afternoon. The PCR test for the governor, first lady, and staff members was conducted twice and came back negative both the time.

Albeit he is currently tested negative, DeWine is still reeling under the shock of having been tested positive the first time he got himself checked, as both he and his wife had exhibited no symptoms of the highly contagious respiratory illness.

He further maintained that while wearing a mask doesn’t entirely protect someone from the virus, the “the odds are dramatically better” of avoiding a positive test if people wear a mask. The governor urged people to follow the rules pertaining to the pandemic for as long as they could.

“The lesson that should come from this is that we’re all human, this virus is everywhere and this virus is very tough,” said DeWine. “And yes, you can contract it even if wearing a mask,” he added.

An official statement was released by DeWine’s office on Thursday that read: “Out of an abundance of caution, and at the direction of medical professionals, the Governor and First Lady plan on having another PCR test on Saturday. The results of these tests will also be released.”

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