German Chancellor Olaf Scholz
Who Is Olaf Scholz, Germany’s New Chancellor Replacing Angela Merkel? Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Wednesday stated that the country would defend itself against a violent minority of anti-vaccine militants who threatened public officials.

"We will not allow a tiny minority of uninhibited extremists to try to impose its will on the whole of society," Scholz said in his first speech as chancellor to parliament. Scholz became Germany's chancellor, replacing Angela Merkel's 16 years of being the country's leader.

The German police working together with special forces recently launched an operation Wednesday in Dresden's eastern city after alleged death threats were made against Saxony state premier Michael Kretschmer. It was previously reported that special forces officials confirmed a Telegram wherein a chat group called "Dresden Offline Connection" was involved. There have been statements about plans to assassinate Kretschmer and other state government representatives.

Movements in Germany emerged against health restrictions that were imposed during the COVID-19. In December, protestors were seen outside the house of the Saxony state minister of health with torches and whistles, a demonstration which politicians condemned.

"Germany will use all the means of its democratic rule of law to defend itself against this tiny minority of the hateful attacking the rest of us," Scholz added in his speech. He also praised most people in Germany for displaying their solidarity, reason, and caution throughout the whole health crisis. He continued with the promise to do everything in order to help people get back to their lives.

"My urgent request to all citizens of this country – help us to cope with this task, get vaccinated, protect your life and protect the lives of others," he said. Scholz shared the goal to provide 30 million COVID-19 jabs into people by the end of this year. According to reports, 19 million doses have already been administered since Nov.18.

Who is Olaf Scholz

Scholz's Social Democratic Party (SPD) garnered the most votes in September's federal election. He leads a coalition government with the Greens and the libertarian Free Democratic Party.

The 63-year-old is a career politician. He is a member of parliament, and previous vice-chancellor and finance minister in coalition governments under Merkel. Scholz was known to acquire a deep understanding of the political process. He was elected as the ninth chancellor of Germany a week ago. Scholz is believed to be a calm and a pragmatic leader who strives for compromise.

Aside from the ongoing world pandemic, among the other challenges the new administration has to face will be the transformation of the economy to a greener, more digitized version of its current state without raising taxes or placing Germany into debt.

Olaf Scholz net worth

According to HollywoodsMagazine, Scholz's salary would be at least 180,000 euros ($203,405) a year, technically about 15,000 euros ($16,950) a month, not to mention the allowances he receives. Scholz is also reportedly being paid 15,000 euros ($15,820) monthly as the education minister of the state of Brandenburg. In total, Scholz's net worth would probably be more than 2 million euros ($2,260,000).

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz
In this handout image provided by German Government Press Office (BPA), Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz during a flight from Berlin to Brussels on the way to the European Council on December 15, 2021 in Brussels, Belgium. Photo by Jesco Denzel/Bundesregierung via Getty Images

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