Woman meditating
One Minute Meditation is sweeping the mindfulness industry Unsplash.com/Katerina May

Do you have a minute to spare? Begin meditating. This practice, known as one-minute meditation (OMM), is captivating millions of people in recent times within the realm of wellness.

From Deepak Chopra's 1-minute meditation practice to the principles embraced at the OMM Center in Mexico City, mindfulness and meditation, while originating from Buddhist and Hindu traditions, are now adopted as solutions to contemporary life problems.

is week, from February 23 to 25, Europe's renowned meditation guide, Antonella Galié, founder and director of the Self Awareness Institute in Italy, is set to conduct an OMM seminar in Mexico City. In a notable first, Galié will be making her debut appearance in Latin America. Her primary aim during this visit is to provide seminar participants with the chance to delve into self-awareness and gain a range of tools for personal growth.

The seminar will incorporate an innovative approach by utilizing the ancient wisdom embedded in the cards of the French deck to unveil character traits and human behaviors. Participants will have the opportunity to explore how these symbol-laden cards provide insights into the intricacies of human nature.

As per information from the OMM Center, the One Minute Meditation (OMM) introduces a rapid meditation technique aimed at minimizing stress and promoting self-care. Despite the documented benefits for mental health, only 11% of Mexicans engage in meditation or yoga, as reported by the Center. In contrast, the United States boasts a 14% participation rate in this industry, translating to a market value exceeding $1 billion.

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