Disney and Random House confirm "Frozen" sequel coming in book form! Disney

“Once Upon A Time” fans were left in shock and awe after the realization that characters from the hit Disney film “Frozen” were making their way to Storybrooke. Since fans saw Elsa emerge from a vial in Rumplestiltskin's vault, with her iconic white blonde hair braided tight, and her bright blue gown flowing behind her, they have been dying for any news regarding Arendelle’s reigning ice queen. And now thanks to an exclusive promotional photo from TIME, fans can get their look at Elsa in Storybrooke, as well as Kristoff, another “Frozen” character set to appear in the series.

The photo, features actress Georgina Haig in full Elsa glory; long blonde braid, beautiful blue gown, and indignant hands on her hips. As for Kristoff, it seems like he is also in his characters iconic clothing, sporting a layered look with fur accents, a thick belt and warm looking collar. While fans can only see the side profile of Kristoff in the first promotional image for Season 4 of “Once Upon A Time,” one thing is missing—his long hair. In “Frozen” Kristoff has long, blonde, shaggy hair which only adds to his salt of the earth, adorable personality. It seems that Scott Michael Foster, the actor portrayed Kristoff on the ABC series, has opted for a darker, more cropped hair look. Hey maybe it’s a little bit warmer in Storybrooke, and he didn’t knew the extra layer of flow?

While “Once Upon A Time” and “Frozen” fans alike are thrilled to see the promotional picture featuring Elsa and Kristoff, there is something missing—Anna. Where is Anna? Anna will be played by Elizabeth Lail, a relative newcomer to the acting game, but based on her IMDB headshot; she at least looks the part, minus that one white streak of course. According to the Season 4 premiere episode title, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” fans should expect to see Elsa, Anna and of course Kristoff in the first episode!

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