Maggie and Glenn
Maggie and Glenn embracing in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead." The pair got married following the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse, and have been together ever since. AMC

All good “Walking Dead” fans know that the AMC series is inspired by comic books of the same name. And while the show stays true to the comic books in some areas, in other aspects in changes the storyline all together, one main addition to the TV series is Daryl Dixon. Can you imagine a “Walking Dead” world without his crossbow slinging, moonshine drinking self? Us either. Like “The Walking Dead” series which is entering its fifth season this October, the original source of the story is still going strong, Skybound just shared a new comic book cover for forthcoming issue of the “The Walking Dead” comic books that are set to premiere alongside the show’s premiere in October.

The first cover that was released is for Issue 132, shows Maggie Greene holding her son with Glenn. Fans were shocked to learn that Glenn died in the comic books after surviving the initial wave of the apocalypse, the herd of zombies at Herschel, and even the war at the prison. Glenn was killed by Lucille, the comrade of Negan in Issue 100 of the “Walking Dead” comic books with Maggie pregnant. Following Glenn’s death and the conclusion of the “All Out War” issue, the “Walking Dead” story jumped two years into the future. Issue 132 picks back up with “A New Beginning” and on the cover, we see the baby of the now late Glenn and Maggie as a sweet faced 2-year-old toddler.

Maggie and baby
Maggie on the cover of "The Walking Dead" Issue 132, carrying her now 2-year-old baby that she had with Glenn. Skybound

The new issue will be released on Oct. 8, and in addition to the family portrait of Maggie and the baby, the word “Happiness” is seen emblazoned across the top of the issue. While fans are constantly yearning for their favorite zombie fighters to discover some sense of solace, they should take this “Happiness” indicator as more of the calm before the storm. Especially considering that the following issue, Issue 133 is titled “Impending Doom.”

And while the show certainly veers of course from the plot of the comic book, fans can expect to start to see the Alexandria Safe-Zone. According to “The Spoiling Dead” a wall has been constructed encircling brownstones houses in Senoia, GA where filming continues until November. While no one from “The Walking Dead” has confirmed the building of the safe zone, the Senoia City Councilwalking dead approved a request to construct a temporary 15-foot wall around a historical site called the Gin Property. It will be in place from mid-September to the end of November, which matches filming for the second half of Season 5 to the Season 5 finale.

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