“The Walking Dead” is not set to return to AMC for Season 5 until October, but that doesn’t mean the TWD rumor mill has slowed down. Season 5 is currently being filmed in the Atlanta area, and while fans don’t have any definite word on the current whereabouts of Beth Greene, they are desperately trying to uncover any details. However, a Twitter account, with an aptly named handle @TheWalkingDeadNews may have just uncovered the biggest spoiler of Season 5 yet.

The tweet which is accompanied by a photo of actor Ansel Elgort from “The Fault in Our Stars” being frightened by a terrifyingly convincing looking zombie. The caption of the tweet reads, “@AnselElgort of TFIOS will be playing Andrew in Season 5 of #TheWalkingDead who could have a "thing" with Beth!”

Wave goodbye to Bethyl, even though I was personally never a huge fan of the Daryl Dixon, Beth Greene relationship, there was a large fan base that loved the possibility of the two opposing characters getting together in the post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. However, Beth needs a love interest that is closer to her own age, and Ansel Elgort totally fits the bill.

Admittedly this rumor cold be totally false, however it is nice to think that Beth will have a love interest that she met outside of the prison or her father’s farm. If she does find a love interest, Beth survived the prison war, and has since found shelter somewhere safe, presumably with someone sweet.

While the rumor regarding Ansel Elgort possible casting in Season 5 has yet to be confirmed, actress Emily Kinney who portrays Beth Greene on “The Walking Dead” did at least confirm her characters return to the series, after being presumably kidnapped in episode 13 of Season 4. When discussing the forthcoming season, Kinney revealed that the premiere episode will be one to remember. "I think just that first...just seeing how the group is going to get out of the situation they're in is going to be really exciting and really crazy and a roller coaster and I think just right out of the gate that first episode is going to be really fun," Kinney told the Power Hour.