Mona Vanderwaal
A recent tweet from show runner Marlene King revealed a "newborn queen" will be introduced in the Christmas special. And while many fans may think it's Alison, we know, for a fact that the "newborn queen" is none other than Mona! ABC Family

While the Christmas episode of "Pretty Little Liars" is still a bit of a ways away, if it's anything like its Halloween predecessors, fans should expect big things to occur under the mistletoe! True to form, show runner Marlene King has been dropping hints and clues regarding the Christmas special on both her Instagram and Twitter. A recent tweet from Marlene even introduced a new character, or maybe just a new nickname for a characters fans already known. Either way, PLL fans are dying to know who exactly the "newborn queen" is and what will happen to her in the Christmas episode!

The tweet from Marlene reads, "Hark the herald angels sing. Glory to the newborn queen. #MajorPllHolidayClue." Not only does Marlene normally tweet out some pretty hints regarding the mystery series, in this tweet she even provided fans with a telling hashtag. So if "newborn queen" is supposedly a "major "Pretty Little Liars" holiday clue," we must do our best to decipher it. First things first, the lyrics are directly from the Christmas song "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" indicating that whoever the "newborn queen" is, she will be rising from the small town of Rosewood. Initially my first thought was that this tweet was referencing Alison, and her rise to power upon her return to Rosewood. Alison was famously the vicious queen bee before her disappearance, and following Mona's reveal of the video footage, most characters in Rosewood are simply waiting for her reign to begin again. And while the Liars are still not sure what to make of Alison, she does seem genuine, I believe that she is still hiding something, but I do believe that she is genuinely remorseful for her actions.

Another possibility is that Mona is the "newborn queen" even Marlene said so. Way back when in Season 4B, Marlene sent out another tweet to a fan. A fan of ABC Family's hit series probed Marlene about the "A team" on Twitter, asking, "In my opinion, Mona was the best -- A team. And you?" While we happen to agree with this fans assessment, we could have never predicted what Marlene responded with. The active show runner and executive producer seemed to be aligned with this fan's assessment with the cunning character writing, "Mona is the queen. But wait for it." With this piece of evidence it's safe to say that it will be Mona, not Alison, who rises and begins to reign over Rosewood in the Christmas episode.

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