Any good “Pretty Little Liars” fan knows that twins are significant in the series, for years fans initially believed that Alison had a twin, which would follow the plot of the Sara Shepherd books, however Sasha Pieterse, who portrays Alison on the ABC Family series revealed that her character is not the one with the twin, but warned fans there is a twin lurking around Rosewood. After that huge reveal, PLL fans went on a theory frenzy proposing multiple different theories were several characters had a twin or were unknowingly twins. I, myself, was guilty of such hype, believing that Jason DiLaurentis had a twin sister, Ali and Spencer could be fraternal twins and that Mrs. DiLaurentis was maybe a twin, with her evil counterpart locked away in Radley. And while I am not ready to give up on any of these “Pretty Little Liars” twin theories, there seems to be a new twin theory in town and it is all based off an Instagram picture.

Tammin Sursok, who plays Jenna, posted a seemingly innocent photo of a PLL table read, with the caption “calm before the storm….#pll #jenna.” In the black and white snap shot, a few well-known character names are seen on place cards, but there is one place card, which reads “James Neilan” that remains a mystery. Even more curios, the James Neilan place card is at the same seat of a place card that reads “Toby Cavanaugh.” Say it isn’t so! Toby and Spencer just got back on track and now a twin! Admittedly, the card placement could be a mistake, perhaps the actor who plays the still unknown James Neilan simply hadn’t found his seat, but something tells us we are on the right trail with Toby being a twin.

The revelation of Toby having a twin could be series changing news, especially considering many fans belief that the secretive death of Toby’s mother, Marion Cavanaugh, who was a patient at Radley, is the main key for unraveling the entire “A” mystery. One thing is for sure; Tammin has been providing PLL fans with some thought provoking spoilers in Season 5. In fact she was the one who revealed that Season 5 will be getting a twin, but she did say “twin sister,” so that would derail on entire James Neilan being Toby’s twin theory so let’s just forget that. Last but certainly not least, Toby’s surprise disappearance to London was never fully explained on the series, and his return was just as shocking. Could Toby not be who we think he is, perhaps this James Neilan has been in Rosewood for longer than fans think.