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"Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 is set to get a twin, according to actress Tammin Sursok. Our guess? The infamous "Black Veil" will end up being revealed as Jason's twin sister! ABC Family

Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” is underway, and while fans are slowly gaining the necessary answers to the many “A”-centric questions on the series, there are still a lot of unsolved mysteries! But a recent interview with Tammin Sursok, the actress who plays Jenna Marshall on “Pretty Little Liars” may have finally revealed some evidence to one of fans ever growing burning questions and curiosities regarding the significance of twins in Rosewood.

In an interview with Australia’s The Daily Edition, Tammin confirmed that Season 5 may be the series wildest season yet, disclosing that the Liars do discover the identity of “A,” who was revealed to be Shana in the Season 5 premiere episode, “EscApe From New York.” However, despite her best abilities the actress did reveal some spoilers, stating that although “A” was discovered and killed by Aria, Shana wasn’t the real “A” or who fans have come to know as uber “A,” stating “that it’s not really ‘A’.” The actress then continued and shocked fans by saying, “then someone has a twin sister,” before relenting and claiming that she “can’t give too much away or I’m going to have to kill you.”

While the idea of a twin on “Pretty Little Liars” has been floating around since the inception of the series, which was inspired by Sara Shepard’s novel series. Fans have never really seen true confirmation of a twin appearing on the show, until now that is. Even more interesting was Tammin’s statement of a “twin sister,” as opposed to simply saying a “twin,” which only enforces a fan theory that has been making it’s way around the Internet. Fans believe that the twin sister in question does not belong to Alison, Spencer Hastings, or even Mrs. DiLaurentis, instead most believe that the twin sister belongs to none other than Jason DiLaurentis. That’s right, Jason has a twin. Though not identical, many theories believe that Jason, who is the love child of a now deceased Mrs. DiLaurentis and Mr. Hastings, has a female counterpart and fraternal twin! Not convinced? Let us break down some of the evidence, and like me, after reading this theory you will be total shock and awe, and absolutely believe that the big reveal will be the appearance of Jason’s twin sister, who be all accounts is most likely the mysterious identity behind the character know simply as “Black Veil!”

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"Black Veil" standing outside the church in Rosewood after mysteriously attending Detective Wilden's funeral. ABC Family

Let’s start in the beginning from the first time fans saw “Black Veil” at Detective Wilden’s funeral. Fans first believed that “Black Veil” was Melissa Hastings, however a close up photo shows that the female does not share the same physical characteristics as Melissa. “Black Veil” is tall, and slender, with dark blonde, hair and big, round blue eyes. In addition to her DiLaurentis like physical characteristics, “Pretty Little Liars” show runner Marlene King revealed that this character will be the main antagonist of Season 5, has connections to the “A team,” and is rumored to be the one that killed buried Mrs. DiLaurentis in the Season 4 finale “A is for Answers.” Jason is the son of Mrs. DiLaurentis and Mr. Hastings, and while fans know about this relationship and their secret child, the two still share a lot of secrets between them.

Theses secrets were once again brought up before Mrs. DiLaurentis’ death when the pair were in the Rosewood Police station together, Mr. Hastings reminds Mrs. DiLaurentis of their supposed agreement before the pair are questioned by Rosewood PD about their daughter’s whereabouts. Aside for his recent appearance in Season 5, Mr. DiLaurentis, Jason’s supposed father is literally never around, not in a flashback from when the Liars were younger, not for a memorial service, his character was barely even mentioned in dialogue. Maybe Mr. DiLaurentis couldn’t handle the “agreement” reached between his wife and the biological father of his son and his twin sister, so he deserted them.

But what could this agreement be? Well, fans know that Radley Sanatorium plays a big role in “Pretty Little Liars,” where Mrs. DiLaurentis proudly sat on the board despite not having a viable connection to the insane asylum. Maybe she did have a personal connection to the place; fans just haven’t discovered it yet. It is possible that Jason’s twin sister showed signs of severe mental instability as a child, and due to the nature through which she was born; treatment of her mental illness became complicated. Jason’s twin sister could have been locked up in Radley since before Alison was born, it would answer the question as to why Mr. Hasting so vehemently opposed Spencer’s desire to shut down the insane asylum because he was protecting his other daughter and protecting his wife, Veronica from discovering the true details of his affair.

In a flashback scene from Season 4 season finale “A is for Answers,” Mrs. DiLaurentis explains to Alison that she cannot go to the sleepover at Spencer’s house because she knows things about the Hastings family. Throughout the exchange Mrs. DiLaurentis is adamant about Ali staying safe inside the home, and not associating with the Hastings and the other Liars at the sleepover. Mrs. DiLaurentis then takes an urgent phone call regarding someone escaping custody of some degree, in our theory this call is from someone at Radley Sanatorium explaining to Mrs. DiLaurentis that her secret daughter, who is mental unstable and the twin of Jason has evaded the staff and snuck out of the asylum, similar to what Mona did when she was in Radley. This scene took place the night that Ali disappeared, meaning that Jason’s twin is most likely the person who attempted to kill Alison by hitting her over the head with a rock. Why else would Mrs. DiLaurentis bury her daughter, if not to protect her other daughter?

So now the question is why would Jason’s twin sister “Black Veil” want to kill Alison? Well mainly because Alison is everything that she wants to be, the popular girl, beautiful and admired, by both her friends but also her family. Alison is the prized daughter of the DiLaurentis home, when in actuality there is another daughter locked and thrown away in Radley. Marlene King has stated that “Black Veil” connects to the end game of “Pretty Little Liars” which leads me to believe that Jason’s twin sister is in fact “A,” she began by tormenting the prized daughter of her family, that she so desperately wanted to be. She has also tormented Spencer, after learning that Jason was her half brother “A” texted her saying, “Don’t be scared, Spence. We’re all family here, some more than others. -A ”

Jason may have only recently discovered the existence of his twin sister, which makes his reappearance in Rosewood and his recent bond with his mother more understandable. They were both protecting the same person, his crazed twin sister. I believe that Jason’s twin “Black Veil” will ultimately be revealed as uber “A,” she even had access to Mona during her time at Radley, giving her ample time and ability to continue her “A” game. In addition, to Jason’s twin being uber “A,” I think that Melissa knows about her existence and her involvement in the attempted murder of Alison. This is the secret that she has been hiding, and the twin’s secret exist is why Mr. Hastings has been keeping her from revealing this secret.

Comment below and let us know what you think of “A” being Jason’s twin sister! Are we totally off? Or is there something to it!

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