Jason DiLaurentis
Jason DiLaurentis in "Pretty Little Liars" Season 5 Episode 2"Whirly Girly." ABC Family

Season 5 of “Pretty Little Liars” is well under way, however there is still a large mystery looming over the entire town of Rosewood. Now that Alison is alive and has returned to her hometown, residents and fans alike can’t help but wonder who is the girl in her supposed grave? Another mystery that has been mystifying fans since the Season 4 finale “A is for Answers” is the question of just what Melissa Hasting is hiding, and who, if not herself, is she protecting? Despite Melissa’s best intentions she has never been the noblest character, always protecting herself above others. So while Season 5 continues these two seemingly intertwined mysteries, one fan theory may have the answer to both of these burning questions! This week “Pretty Little Liars” fan and Tumblr user “Spencer’s Barn” stated that it was Jason DiLaurentis, the brother of Alison, is the one who attacked and killed the still unknown girl that is currently occupying Ali’s grave.

“Pretty Little Liars” is famous for shocking its fans, and while many people have been accused of hurting the girl in Ali’s grave, we are looking at you Spencer, this latest fan theory covers all the basis and makes a really convincing argument as to why Jason is the killer, and Melissa is hiding his secret. First off Jason’s guilt over killing the girl in his sister’s grave would explain his incredibly sketchy behavior. Early on in “Pretty Little Liars” Jason thought that he was the one who killed his sister, mainly because he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol the night she disappeared, and of course that incredibly threating and menacing note he discovered in his pocket the next morning.

Despite his thought that he could have be responsible for the death of his sister, he seemed to have genuinely cared for Alison. And while he and Ali had a touch and go relationship, all siblings fight, and we just can’t imagine him being “A” or even a part of the increasingly terrifying “A team.” All of this being said Jason’s behavior especially in Season 5 has been incredibly erratic, maybe that could be because he is not only guilty, but attempting to figure out the circumstances of the night his sister initially disappeared. Jason initially told Aria way back when that he didn’t have any memory of that, leaving him without much of an alibi.

In addition to his inability to recount the events of the night Ali disappeared, his totally mysterious and sometimes really confrontational behavior, Melissa Hastings is the character that makes this fan theory believable. Fans learned that Melissa and Jason are half siblings, following the reveal that Mr. Hastings is the biological father of Jason due to an affair with Jessica DiLaurentis. While Melissa and her father were waiting for Spencer in the Rosewood police station, she whispered to him and told him a shocking secret, which fans still do not know. Melissa has seemed resistant to come clean about the secret she is harboring; however in the Season 5 premiere “EscApe From New York” it seemed like Melissa finally wanted to tell Detective Holbrook, except then Mr. Hastings stopped her. It would make sense that Mr. Hastings would stop Melissa from revealing Jason’s secret, mainly because he is his son, and he wouldn’t want him in trouble. Also their doesn’t seem to be many people that Melissa would innately attempt to protect, however fans have learned that Melissa has been protecting Spencer from the start back in her N.A.T. Club days.

What do you think of this fan theory? Could Jason really be the killer of the girl in Ali’s grave? And if he is, are Melissa and now Peter Hastings protecting his secret? Let us know in the comments section below!

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