“Pretty Little Liars” Season 4 is coming to a close this Tuesday with its highly anticipated finale episode “A is for Answers” and while the promo video teases that the Liars will finally unmask “A,” we are not so sure the right “A” is going to hiding under the infamous black hoodie. After the big Season 4 reveal that Ezra was in fact a true crime writer inveFstigating Alison’s disappearance, and not “A” himself, fans were notably left disappointed. However after doing some research of their own with Ezra’s collected data, the Liars discovered that Ezra not only knew about the existence of “A” but also thinks the Liars tormentor is none other than Mrs. DiLaurentis! Admittedly Alison’s mom is just the latest Rosewood local to the list of possible “A” suspects, but she has always been a bit odd and her behavior has always been questioned by the Liars, so maybe they were on to something!

Multiple theories have claimed that Mrs. DiLaurentis is “A” and with good reason. Even in past seasons when she was not a suspect, she was always creepy, like that time in Season 2 when she gave each of the Liars specific outfits to wear to Ali’s memorial fashion show that ended in disaster. Or when someone tried to poke out Aria’s eye with a sewing needle that Mrs. DiLaurentis just happens to knit precious scarfs with. Or of course the most important clue of all her relationship with Peter Hastings, that resulted in a love child -- also known as Jason. But there were multiple times were Mrs. DiLaurentis was proved not to be “A,” for one she is rarely ever in Rosewood, and when is in town it is for specific events where her attention and attendance would be required. Not much time for “A” torment, which takes a lot of time and commitment. In addition, “A” has proven to be fast, psychically fit, and technically savvy, none of these skills have been shown by Mrs. DiLaurentis. And despite her blatantly difficult relationship with Alison, why would a presumably grieving mother harass her dead daughter’s best friends? She wouldn’t -- unless it’s not really her.

Maybe Mrs. DiLaurentis is so creepy because she has a twin, this could be a deep dark secret, aside from her husband not being the father of her eldest child. In terms of plot twists anything is possible on “Pretty Little Liars” and somebody’s got to have a twin, right?! In the “Pretty Little Liars” book series, which the TV show is loosely based off, Alison has a twin, who is central to the plot. Alison’s twin is pivotal in her murder, and also is the second “A” that emerges after Mona is killed. But the executives of “Pretty Little Liars” and even Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, have confirmed that Ali’s evil twin will not be included in the television show. But she did give away a serious clue when speaking to E! Online, "If there is such a thing as a twin in Rosewood, it's probably not for Alison, that's also something to keep in mind."

There is definitely an important connection with twins in this series, remember the Halloween episode when Alison recited that terrifying story of one twin attacking the other. While fans immediately assumed it was a biography of Alison’s childhood, maybe the story was actually family history regarding her mother! If you do have a secret twin, they are most likely going to be evil if included in “Pretty Little Liars,” meaning that if you have an evil twin and live in Rosewood there is only one place you end up. Radley. Mrs. DiLaurentis has multiple connections to Radley Sanatorium, in addition to sitting on the board. If you wanted to hide an evil twin in Rosewood after she attack you as a child, where would you put her? Perhaps Mrs. DiLaurentis’s evil twin is as stealthy as Mona, aka the first “A” and can seamlessly slip out of Radley, just in order to threatening Spencer and then sneak back. The evil twin theory would explain Mrs. DiLaurentis’s creepy mood swings, one day she is letting Emily stay in Alison’s room and the next day she is staring at Spencer through the window.

This crazy twin theory could connect a lot of dots in “Pretty Little Liars,” perhaps Mrs. DiLaurentis’s twin sister also had a daughter, whose name was Sara Harvey. Remember her, she was the young girl matching Alison’s exact profile that went missing right around the same time that she did. Wasn’t it also a creep coincidence that they looked the same and even acted the same, well that’s because they are related? Not twins, but cousins from twin mothers. Spencer, who remembers hitting a blonde girl in the head with a shovel could have actually killed Sara, enraging Mrs. DiLaurentis’s already psychotic sister, causing her to become “A.”

What do you think of the Mrs. DiLaurentis twin theory? Do you think it’s possible that her evil twin is “A?” Let’s consider that stranger things have happened on “Pretty Little Liars,” remember that time they expected us to believe Ezra was an aspiring true crime novelist? Like we said, stranger things have happened. Comment below and let us know what you think about Mrs. D’s twin!

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